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One-Bowl Happy New Year

January 3, 2019

PROMPT: 2019

Ingredients - 
3 cups of God’s love
1 cup of big dreams
1 tablespoon of small dreams 
8 ounces of chocolate chips
5 movie and tv show premieres
1/2 cup of happy tears
3/4 pound of work
2 cups of learning, divided
1 bag of high-quality coffee
1 1/2 cups of sadness
1 loss
2 cups music
2 journeys, beaten well
3/4 cups of determination 
2/3 cup of strength
1/2 cup of mixed emotions 

Recipe - 

1. Place God’s love and work together in a large bowl. Mix well. Add in the half cup of mixed emotions and beat until combined. These are the first half of your dry ingredients

2.  Place the big dreams, one of the journeys, and the movie/tv show premieres in the food processor and mix until they become a powder. Then add them, the second half of your dry ingredients, to the first bowl. 

3. Brew the entire bag of coffee and pour it in, along with the small dreams. Mix. Then warm the sadness and mix it in. These, the wet ingredients, will balance the texture of your new year and make it soft. 

4. Mix half of the learning into the wet ingredients slowly so as not to make the batter gluey. Then drizzle in the strength and turn your mixer’s speed up to medium.  

5. Blend the determination, loss, and the other half of the learning together, along with the failures and successes. 

6. Bake at 365 degrees. While it bakes, melt the chocolate chips, the second journey, and music together until they form a smooth mixture. 

7. Take your new year out of the oven and drizzle the music-chocolate sauce over it. Enjoy!
The title is based off of the oft-seen “one bowl chocolate cake” that I made once. :D


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