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A huge Harry Potter fan
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I love fantasy,
Well, um, I'm 13. Not 14 yet....
Excited for high school, going to be there soon!

Message from Writer

Don't ever give up writing
Writing is a beautiful art, and if you're interested
don't give up
Every word
Every sentence
and Every story you write
creates something great for everyone to enjoy.
So please don't give up,
and take pride in your writing.

Burning Death #fire

March 12, 2019


    I see him. Only a little baby of 2 years, sitting by the fire. Too close. Just a little tip forward... and terrible things would happen. I run and run, wanting to save him, but a man gets there first. What happens next I cannot utter out of my mouth. 

    And I wake with a scream. How many days have I had this dream already? Around a week, I believe. And it's been too much. Whoever this little infant is, he doesn't deserve to die. Why do I have to see a baby die every night? It's not fair. 
    It's dark right now. The moon is slowly sinking, but the sun hasn't risen yet. I'm guessing it is 2 hours after midnight. I would check a clock, if I had one. But clocks are something only the extremely rich can afford. A single clock is over 50 pecunias. My mother's salary is at 3 pecunias per week. And my salary is at 5 pecunias. It's true, I earn more than she does, but that's because she works at a stupid bar. My job isn't so great either, but it's better than what she does. I work at an engineering corporation. I can build and create products and prototypes really well. But my main job there is to meld. Meld objects using fire.
    And the fire in my dream is my melding fire.

    And that helpless baby died because of my fire.

    I killed him.

    There is a... situation with my dreams. 
    Whatever I dream, comes true within the next week.
Special shoutout to Christy Wisdom and AJ - Izzy!

They won my contest and are amazing writers - go check them out, their writing is worth your time!


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  • spearmint

    This is AWESOME!!!

    over 1 year ago
  • Lil Lea

    Oh my! This is very well put together. I enjoyed how the beginning really hooked the reader to keep reading, until the surprise ending. Keep up the good work :)

    over 1 year ago
  • pencils.and.paper.roses


    over 1 year ago