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Writing is but one of the ways a quiet mind can scream at the World for its stupidity, but the only way an Introvert can truly open the eyes of the World and prove it.
- From an Introvert's Mind to an Extrovert World.

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I'm one of the most introverted people you will ever meet, so if I don't warm up immediately, its not your fault.

How Many

February 8, 2016


0 for how many times someone told me I looked fine instead of fat.

for how many people it took for me stop eating.

2 for how many weeks I hid my food from my parents.

3 for each meal I avoided as my stomach growled in protest.

4 Sweetie, are you alright?

5 for how many times i cried after getting caught.

6 A girl so young shouldn't have to worry about her weight.

7 for how many weeks it took for my parents to let me eat in my room again.

8 for how many years to took to forget, without forgetting.

9 for how many times I wished I could go back and save myself, from myself.


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  • February 8, 2016 - 11:14am (Now Viewing)

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