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A huge Harry Potter fan
mix of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw
I love to write, write, write
Again huge HP fan
I love fantasy,
Well, um, I'm 13. Not 14 yet....
Excited for high school, going to be there soon!

Message from Writer

Don't ever give up writing
Writing is a beautiful art, and if you're interested
don't give up
Every word
Every sentence
and Every story you write
creates something great for everyone to enjoy.
So please don't give up,
and take pride in your writing.

RNE - Five Endings

December 27, 2018


    The sky is colored deep purple. As I move my eyes up, it morphs into a light lavender, and fades into a mix of orange and yellow. The only blue in the sky is stolen in a matter of minutes. I realize that not many people realize the wonder that is the sunset. My sister reprimands me every night for wasting an hour just watching the horizon. But I don't think I'm wasting it. Not really. More enjoying the love the world gives me. The sun sets past my sight, wanting rest from a long day's work.
    The moon is just rising. Of course, it hasn't reached its apex yet. It is so beautiful when it does. Tonight, it's at exactly half. My sister admires the full moon; it being the deep, yellow circle it is. But me, I like the crescent. Crescents are always blinding white. Shining straight into my eyes. Its sharp corners ending after a curved shape. The beauty that so many fail to understand. I think I know why Mama named me Crescent.
    My sister has a lashing name. Well, I think it's lashing. Don't you think Tarel is sharp? I know it's not her real name. She would never tell me her real name. And I haven't told her mine. Right now, and ever since I was born, she thinks I'm Maeve. Mama only told us her real name when we turned 13. Which means Tarel knew before me. And well, Dad's dead, so he never got the chance. Mom would have told us his real name, but the enchantment over all of Nominia doesn't let one person speak another's secret name in the presence of someone who doesn't know it. You can choose to divulge your own, but you have to be extremely careful about who you give it to. They can use it against you. 
    And I realize, as I see the moon, who killed Dad. I've been trying to figure this out for years. Today, I figured it out. All I had to do was look at the moon. Usually I leave before the moon starts rising. I leave immediately after the sun sets. But today, I waited. And as I see the rising half moon, I know. I know who killed Dad.
    I rush inside to tell Tarel, but I hear raised voices. Mama is yelling at Tarel again. 
    "Why are you inside my house, eating my food, living off of my money if you don't want to follow my rules? WHY?!"
    "Mama, please stop. Please, I'm sorry."
    "You will listen to what I say! Understood?"
    I hear a deafening clapping noise. Mama has slapped Tarel. I walk inside, prepared to defend my sister, but then I see what happened. There is a piece of paper on the floor. A letter to someone from Tarel. The letter gave away Mama's secret name. How?
    "And you," Mama turns on me. "What do you do out there every evening? Why are you wasting your time? You should be helping me!"
    She slaps me too.
    "Fiona Carmen Dortel, get out of my house." That's not my name. That's Tarel's. But..but Mama can't say it in front of someone who doesn't know it. 

    It could only mean one thing.

    Norminia was weakening.

    Someone could have easily killed Dad.

    I give Mama a loathing look. She being the person responsible for Dad's death, I had no regrets in growing my hatred for her.

    I could taste the rust of blood in my mouth as I turned around and walked away.


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