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February 16, 2016

    "Hey guys wait up!". I see my two best friends Meghan and Lilly. Meghan was the one with long blonde hair. She wore a white tank top with a purple hoodie jacket over it, and she wore a short flannel skirt that went to her knees. Meghan also wore ankle length black boots, plus she wore lots of jewelry. Lily on the other hand, had short brown hair. Her hair covered her ears and she wore a pink barrette to hold her bangs to the right. Lilly had on a short flowered dress. The dress had orange flowers with green stems. It looked silky and had some flow to it, something like ruffles. Lilly also had on black flats, with hearts on the top of them. 
    I was running as I approached them, Meghan and Lilly were just outside of the ice cream store. They turn my way as I talk,  and they smile at me. "Jane, why are you here, I thought you had to meet your parents", Meghan said. I took a big breath, trying to calm down and I continued. "Well... I was just... too excited to show you... what I got". I held out my hand showing them three keychains. "Wow, so pretty", Lilly said as her eyes widen. "Where did you get those?", Meghan said with a raised eyebrow and a smirk. I grin and I say, "I got them at the store duh, plus I was thinking that they could be a symbol of our friendship". Meghan and Lilly smiled when I said that. I see them grab a keychain of their choice from my hand. Lilly got the heart, Meghan got the star, and I got the lucky clover.
    I knew Meghan would choose the star, she always see's herself as the best, she is also rich and she gets what she wants, since her parents are in a big business of fashion line. I also knew Lilly wanted the heart, You can tell that she likes alot of things and the way she dresses proves that she is kind and lovable. Lilly cares so much for Meghan and I, not just us, but even animals and the elder. Lastly, I picked the clover, because it was the last option, but it's not the real reason. The real reason was because I am known to be lucky. People say I am. I am the top student in my class and I have good grades. I am very hard working and I get so many opportunities. 
    "Hey want to get ice cream with us?, we were just about to go in", Lilly said. I nodded then the three of us went into the store. After choosing flavors, we made our way to my house. I had to go home, and the two wanted to come along. We were walking on the sidewalk. The air smelled so nice, fresh, and it had a hint of fast food. All I heard was the sound of cars driving by and people talking in a friendly tone. I felt so happy at the moment. The three of us talked about elementary and how we remembered school.
    "Remember that time Jane tripped on a rope and got caught in it?", Meghan said as she giggled. I was embarrassed about what she said, but I was laughing. I thought about what Meghan did and said, "Do you remember that time in third grade when Meghan peed her pants?", I said while laughing. I only heard Lilly laughing, but Meghan wasn't. Lilly stopped walking and I saw Meghan giving me a mean look. I was gonna ask what was wrong, but she yelled at me. "You said you'd never tell anyone that!", Meghan said in an angry tone". I was shocked by her behavior, is she bothered by this? "Its in the past Meghan, it's just some funny story to tell". I see Meghan freak out on me and she throws her ice cream cone on the side walk. I was shocked, why is she angry over a little thing? "Meghan, you just littered", Lilly said. Meghan glared at her and told her to stay out of it. I looked back at Meghan, telling her to be nice and I say sorry. "I'm sorry Meghan, I didn't know you were still sensitive about that". Meghan looks away from me and we all start walking again.
    I stayed in the way back, with Lilly, talking with her. Lilly always made me laugh. She was the best, she was the one who made me feel better when I was feeling down. I don't know what I'd do without her. "Talking bad about me huh?", Meghan said looking back at us. I noticed Meghan talking to us and Lilly said, "What? No, why would you think that?". Meghan's eyebrows narrowed and she yelled at Lilly. "Shut up, you two always talk bad about me, so why are we even friends?". My eyes widen, I couldn't believe what she was saying, why is she acting like this? I tried calming Meghan down by trying to pat her head and back, but she smacked my hand away. I just stood there stunned. "Meghan, why are you angry, were friends, so maybe you could...". Lilly said getting cut off by Meghan. Meghan grunted as she grabbed onto her keychain and she threw it in the road. I gasped and I was about to go in the road and get it, but Meghan grabbed me, and pulled me back.
    "You guys are being mean, your always insulting me, is it because i'm rich? You two always want to stay over at my house, is that the reason?". "What? No, we just...". "Tell me the truth. You guys hate me right, you don't want to be my friend, you always wanted to be me and you have to insult me to bring me down!". I got very angry, I wanted to smack her, but she was my friend. I had to settle this with words, not violence.
     "Meghan we don't hate you, we love you, plus we would never use you. Friends always joke around with each other". "Shut Up!", Meghan yelled. I froze and I knew Meghan was serious, she was really angry. There was no way out of this. Is this the end of our friendship? "Guys stop this, your best friends so...", Lilly said while getting cut off by Meghan again. "Stay out of this Lilly". I looked at Lilly and she was sad. I had it, why is she being so rude? "Stop this Meghan, now your hurting us", I say. "NO!". I felt Meghan grab onto my shirt and I feel her swing me to a hard brick wall. It hurt for a moment, but not as bad. "I..I..I hate you so much!", Meghan said as she through up a fist. My eyes widen, she was gonna punch me.
    "Get out of my way!". I heard a yell from afar. I looked to the side, ignoring Meghan. I heard loud noises, like sirens. I heard gun shots too and then the sounds got louder. I saw a car honking a mile away. I saw cop cars, and I found out that the sirens were police car sirens. The car was speeding, and gun fire shot up. I felt Meghan let go of me and we saw the car getting close to us.
"Get out of the road you stupid kid!". I heard people from the other side of the sidewalk yelling at someone. I wondered who the person was, they must be in trouble. "Ahhhh!". I heard a scream, I turn my head to see Meghan with her hands on her head and her angry face turned to sadness. "LILLY!". My eyes widen and I look back to the road to see Lilly in the middle of the road. How did I not see her? Lilly was holding the keychain Meghan threw in the road and then I saw a car coming her way. I hear a car honk, but the car isn't stopping, and neither is she. "This is the police, and we are asking you to stop!". The car doesn't stop at all and he's getting closer. I yell for Lilly and she stands up. Meghan and I took action. We were running to Lilly, to save her, but we heard gun shots and it scared Meghan. I still ran and as I was about to grab onto Lilly's hand, it was to late.
    My heart dropped for that moment. I felt hot and sticky. I looked down to see blood on me, but it wasn't just blood, it was Lilly's blood. I felt sick, and I felt like crying. My stomach hurt and my eyes widen. 
"Lilly!". I heard Meghan calling for her, and screaming in pain. I saw the cop cars stop and gun fire was shot. I fell to my knees as I saw Lilly's torn remains in the road. The sight I saw, was disgusting and to terrible to describe. "Are you okay?". I looked over to see a police officer touching my shoulder. "Miss, are you okay?". I was silent, I couldn't say anything. I was shocked and I was even scared. "Lets get you out of here, this is no place for a kid". I felt my legs move as the cop took me with her. the officer was female and she took me by the hand. She walked me over to her car, where I saw Meghan shaking. Tears fell down her face and then she hugged me. "She's dead...I..I can't believe....she..she isn't coming back". I started crying as she said those words. It was the truth. Lilly died right in front of us, what are we gonna do now? 
    "Its all my fault, it should of been me, why her?". I parted from Meghan and I looked at her with angry and sad eyes. "Don't say that, it shouldn't have, your not meant to die, not you". "Why not? I started a fight, I was the one who got angry, it's my fault, if I didn't throw my keychain in the road she...she...". Meghan began to ball her eyes out. She rapped her arms around me and she said she was super sorry. I held onto her, telling her that it's gonna be okay. "It's gonna be okay Meghan, it's not your fault, no way its your fault". "I'm sorry Jane". "I know, and I'm sorry too". That day changed our lives. We were never the same again. We needed Lilly in the moment. We needed laughter, happiness, and her smile. Lilly....we need you right now. Were nothing without you. Were gonna miss you.           


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