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Here is my poem for December twenty seventh everyone! I hope you all enjoy it and that it lifts your spirits today! Sorry I didn't get it to you sooner,I was at the Aquaman movie with my mom,which I am not spoiling for you! Anyway,please read and comment on,I want to know what you think of this!

The Winter Faeries,A Poem For December Twenty Seventh:

December 27, 2018


Description: Hey all today is December twenty seventh and even though Christmas is over,I'm not yet done with my poems! You might think I'm running low on ideas due to the absence of Christmas,but I can assure you,the end of Christmas is no obstacle for me! I've got something for you all today that you're sure to enjoy! Today's poem is about the Winter Faeries,a seasonal kind of faeries that use their powers over cold,ice,snow,and frost to help bring Winter across the world,filled with all sorts of fun to be had! I hope you all enjoy this because I had fun writing this! Now,without further ado,let our mystical poem begin.

Rated: K+ (just to keep it safe)

You've heard the tales of every Winter spirit

Old Man Winter,the Snow Queen,and Jack Frost

And each tale,when you hear it 

These Winter spirits bring the cold season no matter the cost 

Such tales are true,you know 

All of these Winter spirits exist

You can see their work in the frozen ice and glittering snow

Even though they're hidden in the mist 

But,I have a secret to reveal

There are some Winter spirits of which you've never heard

Ones that are most certainly real

And come about to make sure Winter is stirred

On glistening wings,they zip and fly

Spreading snow and ice across the ground

Soaring through freezing sky,

Making Winter wonders that are sure to astound 

They are never seen at all,

But,hearken for a sound like pleasant wind and sweet canaries 

This is the work of those whimsical creatures small

They're the Winter Faeries 

The Winter Faeries are seasonal Fae

Who help spread Winter everywhere

When Autumn ends,they're off without delay

Creating every bit of frost and snowflake with tender care

With their magical icy powers,

They can create Winter weather on a whim

Making snowstorms bloom like flowers 

Or cause ice spread across a tree limb

They can put frost upon the grass

Make lakes freeze over in a flash 

Making forests look like they're made of crystal glass

And mountains snow topped majesties as they quickly dash 

With skin so pale,

And hair Winter white

These faeries never fail

In bringing a chilling delight 

With their frosty hands,

They can turn a waterfall into a glittering wonder

The Winter Faeries go across the lands

Making ice,snow,and frost suddenly appear like thunder

For children,they have a soft spot 

And oh dear God,this is such a display

Without a hesitation and second thought

They'll craft the children structures meant for Winter play

They'll make marvelous snow forts

Slippery and glittering ice slides 

Ice towers that shine like quartz 

They'll even make an ice horse that can be taken for rides

The Winter Faeries often travel in troupes

As they flutter about making ice and snow appear

Working together in well organized groups 

Evening out the snow and polishing ice until it's clear

The Winter Faeries come from the northern hemisphere 

Living on an island of ice and snow

Where it's chilly and cold all year

And the northern lights always glow

Led by their leader,the Snow Mother

A powerful faery woman in her own right

The Winter Faeries answer to no other

When she commands them to,they take flight

The Snow Mother in all her mystical splendor 

Tells her Faery followers where they must go

Which lands they must cover with frost,ice,and snow

Whether the snow mantles must be thick or slender

It she who decides if they should send a mighty blizzard or gentle snow fall

She decides how frozen over the lakes should be

Her decisions are absolute,she is followed by them all

The moment she gives the order,they go flying across the sea

The Winter Faeries know the importance of their mission

To not just bring Winter,yet instill magic within the season

Making it so people see it with a positive disposition 

They do this for a reason

Winter gets a terrible reputation

For it is viewed as freezing and a bringer of death

People despise it with disgruntlement,frustration

Every time they shiver in the cold and see their icy breath 

But,Winter is more than just death,more than cold

It is about going outside and having fun 

It's a time of joy for people young and old

To go outside,to play,and run

You can have snowball fights and skate on ice

Craft massive snowforts,make snowmen with smiling faces

Go skiing and snowboarding,which many people find quite nice

Or engage in epic sledding races

Within their winter powers,they instill 

A magic that makes winter loved and appealing 

Giving all people a wondrous thrill

A magical and happy feeling 

This is the reason people love Winter

For these faeries help us love it so

This is why we run outside like an Olympic sprinter 

To go out and play in the white snow

If it wasn't for them,Winter would not be loved

And we would always stay inside

We would not go outside,our hands so gloved

To start a snowball fight or go on a sled ride

Staying indoors would mean we wouldn't go out to play

Just staying in the house with nothing to do 

We'd never realize Winter's fun and the games we could play

How wonderful Winter can would never shine through

But,the Winter Faeries keep doing their duty

And Winter's other qualities are seen by all

I no longer have desires for play,but I still see its beauty

In its snowcapped mountains big and snowflakes small

There's no feeling that can describe or even surpass

When an entire landscape is covered in snow and ice that shimmers like glass

The snow glitters in the sun as it covers the ground

Everything perfectly covered in a mantle of white

Your breath is taken away,you make not a sound

As you stare at this wonder from day and night

Words cannot tell how lovely it is for this season comes forth

When all is engulfed by what looks like Heaven from the north

We all stare at it and tears fill our eyes

As snowflakes gently drift down from the skies

There's no doubt about it,

When I tell you and say

I want to scream it loud,shout it

Praising the power of these noble fae

I give thanks these Winter sensations

Who are announced by the sound of pleasant wind and sweet canaries

The ones who give us Winter joy and elations 

I praise the Winter Faeries 

Here's my poem for December twenty seventh! For those of you with some post Christmas blues and love faeries as much as I do,this will perk you right up!


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    Thank you so much! I never meant to make it simplistic,but I'm glad you liked it nevertheless! I'm kind of a major fan of all stuff fantasy,so writing this was enjoyable!

    about 1 year ago
  • Blotted Ink with a Broken Quill

    This is so good! I love the simplistic rhyming and lore.

    about 1 year ago