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Emily Coughenour

United States

The Long Road to College

February 16, 2016

Blood, there was blood all over her hands…there’s no going back she thought.
A few days prior to this horrific act everything seemed to be in order, high school was still high school; relationships were off then on, the same old boring picture of high school.
Lauren was the epitome of high school; she always seemed to be in the limelight. She was the star of the volleyball team, and also head of the cheerleading squad. Her boyfriend was the quarterback for her high school football team. Her best friend, Jenna, was somewhat of a loser, not very good at making friends, also very shy but very, very smart. People always thought Lauren was using her to get things she wanted, like the answers to exams. Lauren’s father was a billionaire; he owned multiple shopping centers making him the richest man in the town.
Lauren was always the dumb one of the two, so Jenna always felt bad for getting better grades then her. Jenna was always helping Lauren study for tests, but she always did badly.
 Lauren was so close to getting into college to play Volleyball at UPenn. Jenna’s dream college was The University of Pennsylvania as well, she dreamed about this school ever since she was a kid. The only thing standing in the way of their dreams was one math test. As Lauren studied with Jenna she knew she wouldn’t do well enough to get her scholarship. But on the other had Jenna was amazing at math and would pass with no problem.
As Jenna sat behind Lauren during the menacing math exam a sinister thought creped into Lauren’s brain. As Jenna passed up her test Lauren switched the names at the top of their test. As Jenna sat there she was so very confident, she knew she would soon be facing the biggest dream she’s ever wanted. She had everything she could ever want until everything turned dark…
Lauren is going to the University of Pennsylvania in the fall, early admissions; she found out two days prior. Jenna skipped school to wait for her letter, still unknowing of what her seemingly best friend did. As she lied in wait the butterflies in her stomach were almost too much to bear, she worked so hard to get into this school. She knew that if Lauren got in there was no reason she would not.
Then it happened…so much anger…so much regret.
As she opens the letter, her excitement eludes her. In her hands laid her own undoing.
As she goes into the math room she feels her stomach, which was once filled with butterflies drop with the bitter pill she had to swallow as she searched the tests that had lead to her dashed dreams. She knew something wasn’t right when she saw the test that said Jenna had nothing done on it. Then she looks down seeing what her friend had done. She now feels the knife piercing so very deep into her back, placed there by no other than her best friend.
As the blood of her best friend drips off her fingertips, Jenna stands in the recently diminished hopes of her best friend. As a sinister smile crosses the lips of this distraught, frightened young woman, every hope she had vanishes right in front of her.
Then the door opens, in comes the seemingly perfect boyfriend of the promising Lauren. He vies for the life of his perfect companion. Kneeling in the blood of his one true love.
You would have thought that the amazing bond of friendship would have freed the horrid anger she felt deep inside herself. Jenna held in her hand the knife she used to stab her best friend in the back the same thing that had been done to her not too long ago.  


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