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Hey everybody, I'm now a Senior Peer Reviewer for Write The Former Write The World young writer, now mentoring other WTW young writers through peer reviewers! Wish me luck and hoping you make wonderful pieces!

Message to Readers

Here is another poem for our dear Kaitlyn,who we are waiting for and hope comes home to Write The for good. Kaitlyn,if you're reading this,please know that we're waiting for you and are patiently awaiting your return. We love you a lot,hoping you will come back to us! Enjoy!

Waiting For That Day,A Tribute Poem For Our Dear Kaitlyn:

December 26, 2018


Description: Hey all,as you know,I'm still on my break from latest chapter,and today I thought I'd write something kind and sweet for today. As you know,our dear friend and beloved writer,Kaitlyn,has been gone for a while due to having a job,as well as school stuff to do. All of us have dearly missed her for some time (I know I have),but we've held strong for her sake. However,recently,I've heard from our dear friend,Aussie23,that Kaitlyn loved the Christmas poem I wrote for her and that she'll come back to Write The World the moment she gets the chance. And as most of you know,I'll be writing a poem in her honor up her return. But,until that golden day comes,when our dear friend returns,we'll be waiting. Speaking of waiting,I'll be writing about how we'll waiting for that day. Hope you all enjoy it and Kaitlyn,if you're reading this,we all hope you return soon!

Rated: K+ (just to keep it safe!)

Our dearest friend,we miss you so

You've been gone for ever so long

Yet,for your sake we're holding on though

We've been persevering through and holding strong

We know that despite your very long leave

It will be a wait that'll be with worth it to earn

In our hearts,you don't wish us to grieve

You won't be gone for good,you will return

Yes,you have a job now

And school is quite demanding 

But,it is your solemn vow

To make a return most outstanding

And so,we sit tight 

The lot of us carrying on while you're away

Yet,whether it be day or night

We're waiting for that day

The day when you finally come home

To Write The

Giving us kind words as sweet as honeycomb 

Making us feel happy and calm

I remember well how Loki is one of your biggest loves

That Aussie23 and Bluewriter are your dear friends

How you can make people's hearts fly like doves

And make us feel glad when the day ends

When it comes to wise words,we never doubt you

Which is why it's so hard to be here without you

Nevertheless,we won't let that get us down

All of us will be patient in the most sincere way

For the time when you'll return and we won't frown

We're eagerly waiting for that day

There's nobody more dear than you in our fraternity

And even though I only met you just a few months ago

It feels like it's been an eternity 

You're one of the greatest people I've ever come to know

How well I remember all the kind things you said

All the nice things you'd write for us

They remain in a special place in my heart and head

We won't forget you,the facts stand thus

With all our hearts,we'll do our best

Trying not to break down and cry

You've inspired us all,we can attest

We won't bid you farewell or goodbye

You're someone all of us will remember

You're our second family member

We love you so much

And care for you a great deal

You have no idea how many hearts you touch

How you make us all feel

You're a true friend,

A hero to us all

Inspiring us all to the end

Writers great and small

You've kept me going in times of doubt

When I didn't know what to do 

You're so hard to live without

But,as a friend,I will remain true

I and everyone else will be here

Waiting and standing by

Until you suddenly appear

Like Mary Poppins coming down from the sky

No matter how long it takes,

We'll hope and we'll pray

As we keep on waiting to see you

Waiting for that day
Here is a tribute poem for our dear Kaitlyn. I hope you all enjoy it.


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  • Mr. Colin E.

    I actually use Rhymezone to help me when I get stuck. It's a very useful website I often use for poetry! Glad you like it!

    about 1 year ago
  • WriteCodeSleep

    How do you even get all these rhyming words to work in a poem? Is there like a trick or something?

    about 1 year ago
  • Mr. Colin E.

    Me too,don't worry,my dear friend,she will be back! Nothing is gone forever,that I know is true. It might not be today,tomorrow,or even a week,but one day,she will return. To keep your faith going,here is a little poem I once heard from a Disney film called the Rescuers...

    "Faith is a blue bird you see from afar

    It's real and sure as the first evening star

    You can't touch it or buy it or wrap it up tight

    But,it's there just the same

    Making things turn out right."

    Keep the faith my friend and Kaitlyn will come back to us.

    over 1 year ago
  • paperbird

    oof, i hopes she comes back. i’m just waiting for that day when everyone was around in april or earlier gets ecstatic, because at last kaitlyn has appeared on the dashboard again.

    over 1 year ago