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History of Roses

January 24, 2019


Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Did you ever think to question,
Either of the two?
The ancient story of flowers have long been forgotten, because no one dared to accept the truth. Generations after generations people would rewrite the story of flowers, because they couldn't stand the original story. This lasted until the original tale was forgotten, and not a single soul could remember why flowers were the way they were.
Especially the roses.
Now, before I tell this unspoken tale, you have to understand two things: All flowers were once white and there would be no violets without roses.
You see, there once lived a girl who was sweeter than sugar, and grew up with manners like no other. Her hair was fair and golden, her eyes sparkled with a green hue, her skin was sun kissed, with full red lips. Her name was Rose, that in this language that meant ‘innocent’.
Rose grew up with a sister, Lily (she's another story); a Father, Larkspur (he's another tale as well); and a Mother, Lavender (better left unsaid). The small family of four, with the last name of Flower, grew up in a little cottage in the middle of the village. Everyone loved the Flower family, and they loved everyone. Not even their wealthier lives affected their sweet persons.
Every day was the same as the last, each one happier compared to the last. Nothing changed, all was good, until one day, when Rose was one-five, and had been officially courted the first time.
“How do you do?” Asked a man of two-one, with a evil gleam in his eyes. He bent down ever so slightly, and held out his hand.
“Very good thank-you,” Was how Rose responded, resting her hand on his.
Quickly, once they touched, the man kissed the top of her hand lightly, smirking as he did so.
“May I offer to take you for a walk?” the man asked wickedly, her hand still in his.
“I would love to stretch my legs on this done day, but I don't want to bother Father.” Now, like all good women in a time like this, they asked their Father about each outing, not leaving with their permission.
But, the man had already thought about this, and made sure her Father was sleeping nicely. All it took was a simple slip of powder in a drink he favored. However, he would never tell Rose this.
“I've already asked your Father kindly, before he drifted off. He said all was fine, as long as we have a safe distance,” the man winked.
Not knowing this as a sign of misdirection, Rose found it as an invitation.
“Splendid! Shall we walk where the rare pure plants grow in fields?” Rose suggested, as they started walking.
Now at the time flowers were white plants that grew in one field, and nowhere else on Earth. And lucky for Rose and her village, that field was neighbors with their homes.
“The fields! Wonderful idea, Miss. Flower, just as I was thinking,” the man said innocently, as though he was a sincere man.
They walked for a few minutes quietly, toward the fields. No one spoke until they stood in the middle the fields, Rose staring at the sunsetting, the man staring at Rose.
“Beautiful,” Rose whispered softly.
The man only nodded.
“I hate to be rude, but may I be excused? I feel horribly without talking to Father directly and feel I must go back to him,” Rose said slightly hastily. When she noticed how she said it, she Quickly added, “Sorry,”
“Don't you have a token? A piece of your family that when you get married you give to your love. So everyone knows when you pass, they'll get all you have?” the man questioned, with extreme cruelty.
Instead of an answer, Rose pulled out a necklace and a single diamond shaped plant dangled from the twine.
The man smiled his devilish smile and all of a sudden pulled out his knife. Stabbing Rose in the heart, he took the necklace, ripping it apart. The diamond fell in the field of white plants, and as the man went to grab it he noticed the color.
Rose's blood stained the rare plants, and instead of disgust, the man found beauty. It was as if the plant was made to red, for not even the red birds of the sky compared to the color.
When he went to reach for the plant, a thorn stabbed his skin, causing his blood to cover another.
This time, the blood of an evil man turned the plant blue. With no time to wonder, the man grabbed the plants and diamond, and ran off to the village.
Able to trick the Flower family into believing Rose and him had married, and she died from fear of telling them, the man got all the fortune.
And to add to this devastating tale, the man made profit from his new colored plants. More he grew, the richer he became, calling them both 'Flowers’ since that was his end name at the time.
And when others asked for specific ones, he called the blood stained one after Rose, so she had one thing to call her own. The second evilly stained, he named after himself of course, calling it: Violets, his name from birth.
896 Words :)


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  • majestically awkward manatee


    11 months ago
  • majestically awkward manatee

    Also, I will let you know in the comments of this piece once the winners are posted. I have two pieces about details for the winner of my contest if you want to go look at those :)

    12 months ago
  • majestically awkward manatee

    Wowowowowowow!!! This is great!! I really like how you took two beautiful flowers and had a wonderful story behind them. This story is so beautiful, the sweet and dark parts of it. This is really different from everything I've seen. All I can say this is incredibly beautiful. Thanks so much for enterting my contest!

    12 months ago
  • spearmint

    I like how different this is and it's so dark! Good job, and I will definitely follow you now!

    12 months ago
  • Misfit

    I love the turn from sweet to bitter. It's told like the perfect fairy tale

    12 months ago