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Short little contest #5 WINNERS!!

December 25, 2018


Sorry this took so long :P Next time will be quicker... I hope...

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THOSE WHO PLACED IN AMINAHMCBINA'S CONTEST: As you may or may not (but most likely do not) know, I'm doing all of the reviews for her except for 7 for R.N.E. That's about 43 extra reviews, which is why I'm posting the winners so late. Anyway, the prizes for her contest may take a while, so sorry 'bout that. I'm definitely going to do all of them, though, even if it takes me all of next year. ALSO, IMPORTANT: if you got honorable mention in MY LAST CONTEST and did not get enough/any comments, please let me know, as I may or may not (but most certainly did) mix up some of them.
Anyways, here are the winners!!

Lee Fudge: Let's just say I got rid of your, 'hostile mouse takeover' situation.
SECOND PLACE: Ellie O'Grady: Let's just take out our paintball guns when the parade passes and it'll be far more exciting in short order.
THIRD PLACE: Early Pearl: Let's just try one more time, and this time try not to make her TOO bald.
HONORABLE MENTION: Mary Wall: Let's just clarify---this button will implode the earth and this button will order pizza and you want to know which one to press?

 Mangolover: Let's just end it together, but don't jump off the cliff when I say jump; that's only intended for me.
SECOND PLACE: Quille: Let's just burn everything, our past doesn't deserve remembrance; not after what happened.
THIRD PLACE: Catherinely Me: Let's just enjoy this time we have now, because I don't know how much more of it I have left.
HONORABLE MENTION: PureHeart: Let's just run away together; with the world at our feet, what more is there to do?

 Dmoral13: Let's just live.
SECOND PLACE: Anha: Let's just forget, it's better that way.
THIRD PLACE: Ashleigh2403: Let's just remember that us working together to save the world means nothing, I still hate you.
HONORABLE MENTION: Silver Pen: Let's just remember that we were born to win.

Here are the rest of the entries (all amazing) in order of earliest to latest:  

Quille: Let's just forget everybody else for a moment, the only things that matter are you and me. (romance)

AminahMcBina: Let's just shine, because I think the rain wants control. (short but sweet/powerful)

AminahMcBina: Let's just forget that we forgot which tree the cat is stuck in. (humor)

AminahMcBina: Let's just waltz to the sky, because I have never seen a constellation dance. (romance)

AminahMcBina: Let's just forget that he said, that she said, that he said, that she said, "gossip goes on forever." (humor)

Izzi C. Moonlight: Let's try not to send the dog careening down the stairs on your hoverboard, he isn't Johnny Knoxville. (humor)

Izzi C. Moonlight: Let's try not to fall apart, 'cause we were made to keep on building up. (short but sweet/powerful)

Dmoral13: Let's just toss out heads to the side and say 'no'. (humor)

Dmoral13: Let's just let the magic burst from our souls and see where we end up. (short but sweet/powerful)

nevaredhp: Let's just have a Fortnite dance battle for the Cheetos. (humor)

nevaredhp: Let's just breathe in and out, over and over again, until our worries become carbon dioxide and leave us. (short but sweet/powerful)

nevaredhp: Let's just get it out in the open: I like you. (romance)

Ellie O'Grady: Let's just pretend we speak Dutch and maybe they won't notice. (humor)

Ellie O'Grady: Let's just take a moment and wonder why the sun has to set. (short but sweet/ powerful)

Ellie O'Grady: Let's just burn our money and go back to the woods. (short but sweet/powerful)

palindrome: Let's just follow the yellow brick road. (humor)

palindrome: Let's just ignore the FBI agent at your front door and get a pizza. (humor)

palindrome: Let's just forget the past and live the future. (short but sweet/powerful)

palindrome: Let's just ignore them, I'm already lost in your eyes. (romance)

palindrome: Let's just follow the river, we might find the ocean. (short but sweet/powerful)

Dmoral13: Let's just fall in for once, and see where we land. (short but sweet/powerful)

Dmoral13: Let's just accept this feeling of love, pulsing at our fingertips. (romance)

Mangolover: Let's just be happy and forget all the times we fought, for it is my last day breathing on Earth on this hospital bed, but promise me that you won't miss me when I'm gone. (romance)

Mangolover: Let's just be lonely together and pray that one day, the world won't be this mean. (short but sweet/powerful)

Mangolover: Let's just try to make reality instead of trying to fit in. (short but sweet/powerful)

Mangolover: Let's just face it, be who we're meant to be and stop pretending for once. (short but sweet/powerful)

Christy Wisdom: Let's just fire fireworks into the sky and hope it does that cool dragon thing from Lord of the Rings! (humor)

Christy Wisdom: Let's just stop dwelling on the life we gave up so long ago. (short but sweet/powerful)

Christy Wisdom: Let's just forgive and forget; that way we can be friends again. (short but sweet/powerful)

Christy Wisdom: Let's just stop almost dying; it's really bad for our health, you know! (humor)

Mary Wall: Let's just start over, from the very beginning, because trying again hurts less than the pain I feel at the thought of losing you.(romance)

Mary Wall: Lets just say pretend that I never popped that balloon beside your head this morning and then will you put the spatula down? (humor)

Catherinely Me: Let's just go with your idea, Ryley, even though it absolutely sucks, `kay? (romance)

Catherinely Me: Let's just say that I may know a little something about that robbed animal shelter that had all of the animals taken. (humor)

Catherinely Me: Let's just enjoy this time we have now, because I don't know how much more of it I have left. (romance)

Catherinely Me: Let's just leave the fake Christmas tree up; it's already been sitting there for ten and a half months. (humor)

ProcrastinatingWriter: Let’s just eat waffles and go to bed. (short but sweet/powerful)

ProcrastinatingWriter: Let’s just shut up. (romance)

Gideon Di Luca: Let's just call for a pizza, dinner is beyond saving at this point. (humor)

Gideon Di Luca: Let's just forget what happened and go back to sleep. (humor) 

Gideon Di Luca: Let's just forget that our time together is running out and live in the moment. (romance) 

Mads: Let's just stop for a second, and think about all the times when you've said that something has gone terribly horribly wrong. (humor)

Mads: Let's just stop for a second, and scream. (short but sweet/powerful)

Mads: Let's just run away, we don't have to ever come back to this forsaken place again. (romance)

Mads: Let's just do something for a change, anything! (short but sweet/powerful)

Mads: Let's just sit for a while doing nothing but think. (short but sweet/powerful)

Jessica Noelle: Let's just try to fix what we've done wrong for a change, so we can start a new life together. (romance)

Silver Pen: Let's just stand up and shake off the ashes, because our nest is done burning and I'm tired of people using me for a doormat. (short but sweet/powerful)

Silver Pen: Let's just forget you said that; I like you too much to stay angry. (romance)

Silver Pen: Let's just forget the craziness and let our eyes speak for a minute, God. (romance)

Silver Pen: Let's just sing to the stars and waltz with the moon until the sun rises, instead of complaining about how dark it gets in the valley of the shadow of death. (short but sweet/powerful)

Ashleigh2403: Let's just remember that non of the pain matters and cherish our night together. (romance)

Ashleigh2403: Let's just remember I wasn't the only one who thought we should read the book releasing rampant gods in nightgowns. (humor)

Ashleigh2403: Let's just stay like this forever never pausing for breath. (romance) 

Ryder: "Let's just be ourselves, and forget to be self-conscious of our faults." (short but sweet/powerful)

PureHeart: Let's just dance; let the melody control your hips, and the lyrics control your lips. (short but sweet/powerful)

PureHeart: Let's just stop and contemplate our existence for a second. (humor)

PureHeart: Let's just love each other, and forget the rest of the world exists. (romance)

PureHeart: Let's just pray; perhaps God will hear our supplication. (short but sweet/powerful)

J.A.:  Let's just do everything wrong so they never ask us to work again. (humor)

J.A.: Let's just never give up and always persist. (short but sweet/powerful)

J.A.: Let's just like wait, because we don't know if he might be happy or trying to drown himself with Netflix dramas. (humor)

J.A.: Let's just forget the world, all that matters is the both of us. (romance)

J.A.: Let's just hope that they won't come after you, because then we'll all die. (short but sweet/powerful)

Rosy_!: 'Let's just keep on dreaming our crazy dreams, maybe one day they'll become reality." (short but sweet/powerful)

Anha: Let's just run until our lungs give out, so you can finally understand what it was like for me to love you. (romance)

Anha: "Let's just forget that the laws of physics exist because how the hell do I explain that a flying cow broke my radio antenna?" (humor)

Anha: Let's just hold each other, even though you've forgotten how to feel. (romance)

Anha: "Let's just ignore the fact that your dog likes me better and get in the damn car." (humor)

AJ - Izzy: Let's just go with the flow, the current, the wave that sweeps the unwatching off their feet to a new adventure. (short but sweet/powerful)

AJ - Izzy: "Let's just forget you saw me", he said, walking away from his brother and the room filled with whipped cream and sprinkles. (humor) 

AJ - Izzy: "Let's just go, please, before it's too late." (romance) 

Julius Caesar: "Let's just forget that we may have accidentally, almost burned the school down okay?" he laughed nervously, while desperately trying not to be overheard. (humor)

Julius Caesar: Let's just live together in the beauty of it all. (short but sweet/powerful)

Ashleigh2403: let's just remember today won't last forever, but tomorrow's a new day. (short but sweet/powerful)

Prizes are as follows:  
FIRST PLACE: Three reviews (your choice or random)   
SECOND PLACE: Two reviews (your choice or random)   
THIRD PLACE: One review (your choice or random)  
HONORABLE MENTION: One comment on up to three different pieces (your choice or random)  

The next contest will probably start 2-3 days from now (once I get the reviews for this one done.) Let me know if you would like to be notified when it comes out!!


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  • Ashleigh2403

    letting you know I decided to extend my deadline 2 days

    6 months ago
  • Mary Wall

    Awww, thanks so much! Random comments is fine! And it would be great if you could notify me when you put up the next one.

    6 months ago
  • Ashleigh2403

    I haven't yet posted anything that is super important to me yet (I hope to change that soon) so you can review anything.

    6 months ago
  • Ellie!

    Thanks so much! Can you review my pieces 'New Cosmos' and 'Fire Poppies'?
    These contests are great!!

    6 months ago
  • Quille

    Wow!! I'm so excited; I can't believe I got 2nd! :DDD Congrats to everybody also!!! All the entries were fantastic!
    I think I'd like random reviews :D

    6 months ago
  • Anha

    Thanks for second place! If you could review my pieces Chimneysweep Bird and
    Collection that'd be great (im on a finicky mobile device rn so I can't get the links, just scroll through my published pieces and you should find them)

    6 months ago
  • PureHeart

    Can't believe I'm an honorable mention! Thank you so much! Well done everyone for their awesome entries, and well done Stripedfly for another lovely contest!

    6 months ago
  • AbigailSauble

    Mary Wall's is absolutely the best. :P Wow .... so great.

    6 months ago
  • Lee Fudge

    Congrats all!

    Also, can you please take a look at my Unchivalrous Knights series?

    6 months ago
  • Silver Pen

    I just published my debate. If you could comment on that, it would be very appreciated. Thanks again for hosting these contests! I enjoyed entering, and I would definitely like to enter the next one if it's possible for me. Who knows what could happen, y'know?

    6 months ago
  • Silver Pen

    Congrats, everybody! Did you seriously time this to coincide with Christmas, @stripedfly1001?
    I'd like it if you could comment on The Conflict and a random one. I'd also really appreciate a comment on another debate that I hope to publish very shortly. If that doesn't work for you, a third random comment will do just as well. Thanks so much! :D

    6 months ago
  • Christy Wisdom

    Congratulations to the winners!

    6 months ago
  • Mangolover

    Woah, thank you so much :D (These were all awesome btw, It looked hard to choose!) You can review any three of my pieces, it doesn't matter which ones. Can't wait for the next one, & thanks for this online Christmas present!

    6 months ago
  • pencils.and.paper.roses

    Yaaay! I'm so excited! I honestly put that sentence on a whim. :) For a review, I'll take either "Normal" or "She's Gone", whichever you prefer. :D Thanks so much!

    6 months ago
  • green.eyes.gurl

    Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! I don't care which piece of mine you review. Oh my gosh I can't stop smiling! :)

    6 months ago
  • Dmoral13

    Please review:
    Painted Mask
    She's the Wanderer, He's the Navigator
    Sonder (Chapter 1)
    Thanks so much again and this was my first contest by a WTW member I entered.

    6 months ago