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Here's a little poem I got inspired to write after reading a bit of a book! Hope you all enjoy it!!!

We Will Always Be There,A Magical Poem I Wanted To Write:

December 25, 2018


Description: Hey all,since I'm taking a break from my latest chapter of The Labyrinth Of Lost Mothers,A Peter Pan Story,I thought I might take the time to write something else. I recently began reading The Runes Of Elfland by Brian Froud and Ari Berk,two of the greatest fantasy authors of all time I might add,just this Christmas morning. I began reading while I was on my break and experiencing the magic of the ancient world inspired me to write this poem. We all believe in many magical creatures like faeries,elves,giants,mermaids,dwarves,and all those whimsical folk from the ancient days. Yet,modern science and doubters say that none of that stuff existed. Yet,who's to say that they don't exist? Who's to say they aren't real? Who's to say their not around us at this very moment,even though we cannot see them. The book's beginning has recently taught me that magic is all around us,even in our very finger tips. We can't see it,but it's there. So,I'm writing a poem about how even though we can't see them,the magical creatures we've come to there will always be there,despite there being those who doubt. Enjoy!

Rated: K+ (just to keep it safe)

The world has changed in so many ways

It's not the same as it was long ago

It is not like it was in the ancient days 

When people believed in us and the magic we could bestow

People believed we were everywhere

In the very world around them

In the lush,green land they treated with care

In the mighty forests that did surround them

They believed in us,the Secret Folk

Faeries,mermaids,giants,dwarves,and elves

As we played in the waters or played on the branch of a mighty oak

When our voices were heard and we could speak for ourselves

They recorded our stories,

About how we lived and played

Turning them into mythological and fantastical glories

Stories that remained and stayed

How well we remember those days

When people were open to imagination 

When they could see into the Faery world and sing to it with praise

Believing in things beyond explanation

When people saw a mountain tall,

They knew it was made by a giant

When people saw a mushroom ring small

They knew faeries had made it and would harm those who dared enter in a way most defiant

Should they have looked at the sea,

They knew that was mermaids swam and made merry

If they heard laughter in a nearby tree

The humans knew that from an elf such laughter would carry

In the moors,the faery queen would dance with her subjects loyal

Within the forest,elves would play a mystical song

Among the mountains,giants would labor and toil

Inside the caves,dwarves would mine and forge all day long

In the deepest bog,goblins would plan nasty schemes

Down under the waves,mermaids would glide through the water

In children's bedrooms,pixies would send children dreams

On the country side,an ogre might frighten a miller's daughter 

And naiads would reside in rivers or streams 

Yes,those days seemed to go on forever

But,all things must come to an end

For the people's belief in magic did sever

And that was because of science,my friend

People changed as time went on 

Beginning to believe in science and logical reason

Like when the sun circle the earth,it made night and dawn

And the earth tilting on its axis changed each season

All belief in magic faded away

Believing it not to be real

Like the night replacing the day

The notion of science became the better appeal

No longer did people believe

In magic or any mystical being

Oh,how we did grieve

For our dear friends were no longer seeing

That the magic of the Other World was truth

That every story they told was not just fairy tales

We were not just characters in the stories of their youth

Magic is real,that is what our statement entails

Still,the notion of us being really they ignored

And now we're just creatures of lore

No longer by humans are the Faery lands explored

Never to think of us as real anymore

However,to those of you who still believe

All of us,the Secret Folk,have this to say

That though making things they way they once were we cannot achieve

We are still with you,even you it is us you cannot perceive

Though you can see us not,

We're still lingering in the mist

Under every boulder and in every tree knot

We're real,we do exist

The lot of us are here,

Be we faeries or giants tall

We linger in your heart,so full of cheer

Giving you joys great and small

In the lakes and each blade of grass,

That is where we'll be 

Still going on as each day will pass

Being the magical creatures you know us to be

Despite what you think,

We live on in the ground and air

In the pond where deer go to drink,

We will always be there

Yes,we will be here always

Though to the Secret World,you are blind

We will shine upon you like the sun's rays

And put imagination into your mind

Whether your writing a story

or perhaps an important speech

We will call upon the ancient magic of glory

So that you may tell tales and preach

Whenever you feel sad,

We will be there to bring you joy

Chasing away the sorrow and making you feel glad

Be you an old woman or lonely little boy

Sometimes we might be at your side

Watching to see what you're doing 

Whether you're driving out on a car ride

Or have a television program that you're viewing 

We might be behind you

When you're out for a midmorning walk

Or whispering in your ear to remind you

That you and your friend need to have an important talk

On the lamp post,we might be staring

To see if you'll appear

In the kitchen,we might watch you as you're comparing

What food to buy for the following year

Even when we're not at your side,

We're still there anyway

In the seas vast and fields so wide

Going on like night and day

Just because you can't something,does not mean it is not real

Real is more than what the eye can see

Believing in something is about what you think and feel

That is something upon which many people can agree

It doesn't matter if someone says it's not true

It does not matter if someone does not care

The subject of what's real is all up to you

But,no matter what,we will always be there

We will never die,

Nor will we disappear

We exist in the land beyond the sigh of the mortal eye

Whispering our wisdom in times of happiness and fear

You might not see us arrive,

But,you'll feel our presence 

Whether it's feeling your dreams come back or your hopes revive

Throughout your body,you will feel the power of our pleasance

No matter where you go,

We'll be there for you,wherever you are

The moment you leave,we will follow

Ever faithful,much like a shadow

Should you go into the wooded trees

We'll welcome you with open arms

Saying hello through the passing breeze

Protecting you from all harms 

If you wish for something to eat,

We'll guide you to a berry bush

If you want bedding,it will be the grass beneath your feet

And if you want quiet,the animals we will hush 

Need a drink? The water we will purify

Should a storm be on the brink,we will save you by clearing the sky

It doesn't matter how you see the land

Whether you believe in magic or not

Magic exists there,magic most grand

And we all live in it,in the flowers that bloom and the mushrooms on plants that rot

But,there's a place we exist the most

And that's in the stories

Ones that people tell from coast to coast

Great literary glories

People continue to tell them

To each generation

It is the youngest generation that will propel them 

To the ears of all people across the nation

As long as those stories are told,

We will not be forgotten as the world grows old

Even if they stop being told,

We will remain and declare

That atop mountains strong and winter forests cold

We will always be there 

Here is a little poem I thought I'd write after being inspired from reading part of a book! Enjoy and I hope you find wisdom in it!


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  • mrcolinredwards

    Thank you so much,glad you enjoyed it! Merry Christmas to you too!

    11 months ago
  • Quille

    Very beautiful :D I love to write about Elves and Faeries. Sometimes Dwarves and other folk, but Elves are my favorite :)) Excellent job with this poem; it's absolutely gorgeous!
    Merry Christmas!

    11 months ago