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My name is Chisom Ololo. I'm 16 years old and I live in La Porte, Texas. I like to draw pictures, compose music online, listen to movie reviews on my computer, and write stories both on paper and online. I don't have much friends at school.

Message to Readers

Tomorrow is Christmas Day and I hope you guys like what I wrote from the heart. :D

What Christmas is Like

December 24, 2018


   Christmas is something people can enjoy and know its true meaning
​ It's the year when people can be happy and joyful when the days have passed
​  It's in our hands, it's in our hearts, we celebrate it from top to bottom and we could do it all year.
​ It's what people would find something great about this time of year whenever there's Santa, gifts, food, and
​ eggnog, and cards we give to our dear ones to remind me of the fling and share we had.
​ Nobody knew that this month would come as long as we prepare ourselves for the moments and we could
​ do to make this happen. There are plenty of lights that filled up the sky, happy people singing their carols out,
​ beautiful trimmings that went on with the wreaths and the feast and hot chocolate for everyone.
​  There will be a chance when we can spread the joy and love around our community and not forget what this special occasion has to offer us. No one's a Scrooge or a Grinch saying "Bah humbug" at the tradition, everyone's loving every second of it with no worries at all and the snow was already falling on our heads and the presents we unwrap just might be what we wished for.
​ Christmas is love and what holiday presents us is a whole circle where we gather around the big tree to lift up our hearts and sing our favorite carols and see what our wishes are and pray that next year will become even better.
Merry Christmas to you people! :D


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  • Cololo231

    Merry Christmas to you all! :D

    12 months ago
  • Catlover

    Merry Christmas!

    12 months ago
  • Quille

    I hope you have a fantastic day :DD
    And this is an awesome, highly enjoyable piece :D

    12 months ago
  • mrcolinredwards

    Oh,my God,this is wonderful! Judging from what I'm reading here,Christmas was wonderful for you,I knew it would be! I'm glad you were so happy and wish I could have read this earlier! Nevertheless,great job and may you have a good rest of the day!!!! Officially liking this now!

    12 months ago