Elisha P


Grey Genio

February 8, 2016


The moon beams slide through the long, thin branches of the trees. The occasional twig snap and the flutter of bird wings are all that is heard. I creep through the forest glancing left and right, then right then left. Nobody can see me out here nobody. my hand moves swiftly to open the latch to the letter box in the tree. I read the letter, put it back in the box and head towards my home. I look up to the sky and see the moon is now directly above me. I need to move fast. Daylight is approaching. I rush through the forest. My hand scraping against rocks, brown hair catching on the twigs and leaves. I finally make it home, open the door close it behind me and relax. When the arrow hits the wooden panelling next to my hand. 

"Ah Genevieve, I was wondering how long I would have to wait till you came." I cringe and turn around. I had a suspicion on who had caught me. I face my captor and the truth and realise that the situation has become worse than I thought it to be. It was Grey Genio. Grey Genio is my worst enemy if anyone would torture me it would be him. "Well Genevieve?" I sigh, "What do you want Genio?" He smirks and raises an eyebrow. "Well my dear Genevieve I was hoping you could answer that." I shake my head and refuse to look him in the eye. He will never find out the contents of that letter. He shrugs and puts a knife to my throat and hisses, "Genevieve..." I look at him properly for the first time. He has golden blond hair, green eyes and freckles that scatter across his nose. If he wasn't so evil he could be quite attractive. But no one is attracted to me. Brown hair, brown eyes, short and no freckles. My only claim to beauty would probably be my eyelashes. But as my mother said, 'the only beauty that is important is the beauty inside of you.'

I stare at Genio and he sighs and goes," Well there are two ways to this, you either you tell me or we do this the hard way." I say nothing. "Well the hard way it is."

A shrill scream can be heard from the outside of the cottage.  


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