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From my Window

By: Dmoral13

I saw the the purest baby walk upon it's first steps, then watched as he brought his child into the house, and I even got to see the day his daughter walked up the same steps, with her own children.
My eyes have witnessed the changing of seasons, watched Mother Nature's tree loose everything from the cold, and become a home in the warmest season, to the,most beautiful birds and feisty of squirrels.
However, even my eyes have noticed the way we destroy our world, as more trees are taken down and replaced with ugly houses I hate, that my dirt roads no longer exsist, but cemented with lies, and mainly the air growing darker from the smoke in their very chimnneys.

Peer Review

This was a very interesting and intriguing story. I like how it shows the beauty and the pain as the years go by.

I’d love to know who’s eyes are seeing this happen. I’d love to know if the character is going to make a change to the world.

Reviewer Comments

This was absolutely amazing, but you didn’t need the comma there when it says,”...warmest season, to the, most beautiful birds...” and instead of having the comma after, “I hate,that my dirt roads...” put it before.