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Message to Readers

What are they truly?

Dreams vs Reality

March 20, 2019


Hey everybody.
I am here today for discussion.
My fellow writers, 
I wish to analyze things today.
Deep things.
And this would be
(hopefully surprisingly),
Not all of life.
That would maybe take me a full series of books to cover.
Just what we
and what is real. 

What is reality, essentially?
Anything you can see with your own eyes?
Anything that can be proven?
Like why a rose smells so nice.
Or why bears hibernate.
It can be proven, with studies and evidence.
But is that what reality actually is?

Let's take a look at dreams.
In some contexts, they are aspirations. Ambitions.
In others, they are some sort of virtual reality.
Maybe fantasized. Maybe even possible in real life. 
Almost like stories!

But things change don't they?
If we were to compare dreams and reality, 
what would change about both of them?
Would we start defending personal views?

If you are willing to respond,
begin in the comments. 
And we will discuss,
fellow writers.
Do not start a riot in the comments.
Do not start a riot in the comments. Although I don't think you will, all of you being the mature people you are. But I know I probably would start a riot, so warning.

Just in case.


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