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The Story of Us.

February 16, 2016

    I woke abruptly to fingers intertwining with mine, I quickly looked up to see Drew waking up, responding to my hand on top of his. I glanced at the heart monitor to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, realizing I wasn’t I sprinted from the hospital room calling out for the nurse, “Hurry! Quick, I need help in here!” Nurses and doctors started to file into the room and… wait, sorry I'm getting ahead of myself let me start from the beginning.
    My name is Anya I attend Hercules High School in Hercules, CA as a junior. Drew was my best friend growing up; we were inseparable until freshman year of high school. I was one of those kids who would, more so fly under the radar; I played sports, but I wasn’t varsity material, I had good grades and participated in many events. Drew on the other hand was amazing at everything he did, starting Varsity football, basketball and track his freshman year, he also had good grades and participated in many of the events with me. That is, until our homecoming football game, when the most popular girl in school Harper asked him out. How could he say no, she was a senior and very popular, which stung because throughout middle school I had developed a crush on my best friend, yeah cliché I know.
    I knew it wouldn’t last long; mean, but freshman-senior relationships never work out. Sure enough they broke up a couple months later, he became more social after that but still the nice guy. We started hanging out more after the breakup; I attended every one of his games. If you didn’t know any better you probably would’ve thought we were dating. More girls noticed Drew and he dated most of them. Girls became jealous and didn’t want Drew to hang out with me, creating rifts in our friendship to where we slowly started to go our own ways. He became the star athlete of the school who would never be caught with anybody who wasn’t popular for fear of his crew giving him crap about talking to a “loser”, and of course I became one of those so-called “losers”.
    A miracle happened junior year, everybody started to mix together; groups had begun fading, meaning jocks were hanging out with nerds and nerds were dating popular kids. Finally, I worked up the courage to talk to Drew. I planned it out and decided I’d talk to him the next day so I had the rest of today to plan what I would say. I was walking home after volleyball practice that night when someone pulled up next to me on the road. They rolled down their window and said, “Hey Anya, ya need a ride home?” Drew was asking me if I wanted a ride home. I’d be crazy to pass it up, to get home I would’ve had to walk to the bus stop wait for the bus and then walk from where it dropped me off. I graciously accepted his offer, the ride was silent for a while, and then Drew asked me, “So Anya, what have you been up to?” I didn’t know how to reply, but “Oh, um, nothing special just getting though my classes.” “Ahhh, I see you just set yourself on cruise right?” I laughed, “Yeah, I suppose so”.
    After that we started to reconnect, it was great I was debating on telling him how I felt, but then our world flipped once more. It was only the fifth night after we started reconnecting again; he was driving me home from practice again since volleyball and football practice ended about the same time. Drew was telling me about some of the goofy things him and his friends had done as he was pulling through the intersection. Less than a second had passed when a car flew over the hill coming towards us, colliding with the driver side of the truck. I remembered being pulled out of the truck and mumbling, “Drew, where’s Drew”, they never answered me, causing me to start panicking.
    My injuries weren’t serious, I was able to leave my room, and the first thing I did was find Drew in the ICU. We had already been in a coma for a couple weeks by the time I woke and found him, the doctors said, “He has some serious injury to his head and a lot of bones were broken in the collision and when the truck rolled, it’s a miracle you two are still alive.” I was a complete mess when they told me the news I couldn’t stop crying, because of me he might not survive, I should’ve never accepted a ride home from him. I sat by his side every night and hoping and praying he would wake up. I read books to him every night hoping he would make some kind of response. Our families were starting to prepare for the worst, but I wasn’t going to give up on Drew yet.
            I practically lived at the hospital. I couldn’t do anything knowing my best friend might not wake up. I was there so long one Saturday I passed out in the hospital room. That’s when he woke! … The doctors started to get his levels normal again I ran to the phone and called his family. Since I was the only person there for him I ran back to the room, by this time to doctors had him taken care of, I walked in and he was sitting up in the bed. All I could do was cry tears of joy, he was awake I couldn’t have been any happier. He reached over and embraced me in his arms all I could say was how much I missed him, not just when he was asleep but through the last few years. Drew’s only response was "me too" when he leaned in and kissed my lips. After all he was my best friend.


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