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Here's my special Christmas story for December twenty fourth everyone! Christmas Eve is finally here and I hope you all have a good holiday weekend. This is my Christmas present to all of you,my dear readers and second family members,I hope you all enjoy it. For those of you who are having a rough day,I hope this cheers you up. Merry Christmas to all and to all and good night!

Happily Ever After At Christmas Time,A Christmas Story For December Twenty Fourth:

December 24, 2018


Description: Ladies and gentlemen,boys and girls of all ages,my fellow Write The World authors,it is is with great pride and pleasure that I hereby declare that today is December twenty fourth,the twenty fourth day of the Christmas season and Christmas Eve!!! Tonight,we all celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ,get together with our families,eagerly await the arrival of Santa Claus,and engage in all sorts of holiday delights! We've had one great month,full of poems and stories for Christmas I know you've all enjoyed. But,today you will be receiving a story for Christmas Eve,my Christmas present to all of you! Today's story is,drumroll please...the wedding of Jack Skellington and Sally Finkelstein! That's right,this story is about The Nightmare Before Christmas and how Jack marries Sally on the day of December twenty fourth,Christmas Eve! Prepare yourselves everyone and bring some tissues because this story will make you cry happy tears until the end. Without further ado,on with the story! Enjoy! Btw,Sally's wedding dress in this fan fiction is based on some amazing fan art I found done by Jubilee-Darling on Deviantart (the link to the piece here All rights go to her.

Rated: K+ (just to keep it safe!)

Never before was there so much excitement in the spooky and enchanted realm of Halloween Town. All its inhabitants and guests from far away were gathering in the place known as the Halloween Town Cathedral,a large gothic cathedral with menacing looking gargoyles,lit with numerous candles. Why you ask? As it just so happened today was very magical,not just because it was December twenty fourth,Christmas Eve,but also the wedding day of Jack Skellington,the Pumpkin King,and Sally Finkelstein,the rag doll daughter of mad scientist,Dr. Finkelstein. It had been quite a while since the Christmas incident,in which Jack attempted to take over Christmas by flying around the world in a sleigh pulled by skeletal reindeer and delivered scary toys to children. Despite Jack scaring many children while attempting to bring joy and nearly destroyed Christmas in the process,he made up for it by saving Santa Claus and Sally from the evil Oogie Boogie,as well as starting a romantic relationship with Sally. Also,as a sign of no hard feelings and that he'd been forgiven,Santa Claus sent a snowfall to Halloween Town for the monsters to play with. In fact,now it always snowed every year in Halloween Town and a white mantle of it covered the ground as the monsters made their way into the cathedral. Everyone had been anticipating this day ever since Jack and Sally had announced their engagement; The two of them had decided on December twenty fourth because Christmas Eve was the night they'd officially fallen in love. They had planned to do it during the day time because Jack wanted Santa Claus to come to the wedding as his best man and he very well couldn't do that during the night due to Santa needing to take his famous ride on Christmas Eve. Santa agreed to it because despite their rocky start,he and Jack had become great friends. Anyhow,everyone in the Halloween Town Cathedral was taking their seats,the lot of them excitedly buzzing about the ceremony that was just minutes away. At the cathedral's alter,stood none other than Jack Skellington himself. He was dressed in an elegant,sleek black suit and top hat that was made for him the by Bobbin Twins,a pair of fantastic twins who made amazing costumes for people on Halloween. He wore a bright orange lapel and a green tie with red stripes on it,symbolically showing how how loved both Halloween and Christmas. The Pumpkin King was honestly exited and happy,for today was the day he would marry the love of his life. Sally,his dearest friend turned romantic partner,so sweet and kind,was going to be his wife. Jack never thought he would ever thought he would get married or find love,but Sally had proven him wrong. Though he was oblivious to her feelings for him for the longest time,he finally learned the truth when he realized that the whole time he was planning for his version of Christmas,Sally helped him because she loved him dearly. Touched by how much she cared,Jack ultimately fell in love with Sally. Now,he was going to marry her on Christmas,the holiday  on which they fell in love. Yet,Jack was also quite nervous because there hadn't been a big wedding like this in Halloween town in such a long time. Not only that,so many people had come,more than Jack had ever anticipated. From jolly Christmas Town to the cheerful Easter village,people had come. Why,even lesser known holiday leaders from Arbor Day,Hanukah,April Fools Day had come to see Jack and Sally get hitched. It was honestly overwhelming for Jack and he was honestly a little scared. Him,the Pumpkin King,was scared,for such a day could be nerve wracking. Though nobody really noticed,Jack was anxiously fidgeting with his tie. However,he was soon snapped out of his nervousness,when a calm hand clasped his shoulder.

"Don't worry,Jack,it's alright. Everything will be fine." said a cool,jolly voice.

Jack turned to see that looking at him in a reassuring way,was none other than Santa Claus himself. Santa Claus was dressed in a splendid red suit with a green tie,with a fine bowler hat. Though Jack had said nothing,Santa could tell Jack had a serious case of wedding day jitters.

"Oh,I know," Jack said with a bittersweet sigh,knowing there was no hiding anything from Santa Claus. "it's just...I never expected so many people to have arrived and for the crowd of people to be so...big."

"Well,did you expect it to be small?" Santa said with a jolly chuckle. "Today's your wedding day,Jack,of course there was going to be a big crowd. And why shouldn't there be? It's not every day a holiday leader takes a bride. But,I can see why you're so anxious. I myself had a bit of wedding day jitters when I married Mrs.Claus. I was rather intimidated by the large crowed,yet the wedding was nevertheless beautiful. Yours will be too,so you have nothing to worry about."

"I suppose so,but the crowd isn't the only thing that has me anxious." Jack admitted a little sadly. "It's very hard to believe you know,so hard to believe that the day I'm getting married is December twenty fourth,Christmas Eve,the night I nearly ruined..."

"Jack,you've been forgiven,there's no need to fret about it any longer." Santa replied comfortingly,knowing what Jack meant. "Yes,you nearly destroyed Christmas by frightening children with scary toys,but you never intended to harm anyone. In your own macabre way,you were trying to bring joy to children across the world and spread some Christmas cheer. You never did to be mean or out of malice,you just didn't understand the true meaning of Christmas. Not only that,you wanted to give me a well deserved rest out of the goodness of your heart. And despite what you did,you managed to set things right by rescuing Sally and I from Oogie Boogie,acknowledging your mistake and allowing me to fix Christmas. I'll admit,I was little miffed for the whole fiasco,but I soon realized you were just trying to do something good with pure intentions,so I was able to forgive you. Besides,not all of your gifts were bad,some of them I discovered were actually enjoyed by children. More than that,the holiday council found it in their hearts to forgive and you promised never to do it again. So,don't worry about something you've been forgive for."

"I just wish I hadn't done it though,I wish all of that madness had never happened." Jack said,bowing his head a little.

"Yes,I understand,but think of all the good things that wouldn't have happened if you hadn't done what you did." Santa said kindly. "If you hadn't done what you didn't,Halloween Town wouldn't have received that snowfall or come to know the joys of Christmas,you and I wouldn't have become friends,Oogie Boogie would never have been defeated,and you would never have fallen in love with Sally. Why,if you hadn't done what you did,this wedding wouldn't be happening right now. A lot of bad things happened,but some good came out of it too,be grateful for that."

Jack took this into consideration and knew in his skeletal heart that his dear friend was correct on that account. Indeed,many terrible things had come out of what he'd done,such as Santa and Sally being captured by Oogie Boogie and Christmas nearly being ruined,but if he hadn't done all that he'd done,he would never fallen for Sally and their wedding day would not be occurring. Jack looked about the crowd of people,seeing all the excitement and anticipation on their faces,knowing that this day was going to be worth it. After all,it was Sally everyone was waiting for,and there was nobody more beloved than Sally. Sally was a kindhearted,friendly,understanding,wise,caring,pretty rag doll who had ensnared the heart of the Pumpkin King and all those around her. She was somewhat of a mother figure to all Halloween Town's inhabitants,caring about each and every one of them. Most of all,Sally loved Jack with all her heart,adoring him for the kind,creative,curious,whimsical,undead gentleman he was,as well as guiding him through good times and bad. Everyone could agree that there was no more perfect match that Jack and Sally. And now,the that perfect match was to be united in holy matrimony.

"Well,I can't argue with that." Jack finally said,feeling a bit better. "How can I argue when Christmas was the day I realized just how much Sally loved me and I could love her so much in return? You're right,my wedding day would not be happening if I hadn't done what I had done. I just hope I'll be ready when Sally walks through the cathedral doors today."

"You will be,Jack,you're more than ready." a warm,gentle,female voice said from behind him and Santa Claus.

Jack and Santa whipped their heads around to see that standing behind them was none other than Samhain,the high queen of the Halloween season and an even higher authority than Jack himself. She was lovely woman with pale white skin,warm brown hair,and Autumn orange hair. She wore a golden crown with bat and pumpkin shaped jewels,as well as a stunning black dress. Queen Samhain,as the head of the Halloween season,had agreed to officiate the marriage of Jack and Sally. She could not deny that she was happy for Jack because he'd finally found love after so many years of being a bachelor. Queen Samhain could remember how Jack had first come to her; He was a reanimated skeleton who had rose from what remained of his grave,with no memory of who he was or where he came from. After introducing him to the citizens of Halloween Town and giving him home there,Jack quickly became a beloved member of the community with his charisma and aim to please,eventually being elected the first Pumpkin King of Halloween Town. Jack's drive to never let anyone down always made every Halloween great,a marvelous success. On the subject of the Christmas incident,Queen Samhain was a bit upset with Jack for what he did,but forgave him when he acknowledged his faults and knew that he meant no harm. When Jack informed her that he was marrying Sally,she said she herself would marry them. The Halloween Queen cast a warm smile upon him and Santa Claus,the bible tucked under her arm as she walked up to the alter.

"Ah,Queen Samhain,I was wondering when you'd arrive." Jack said in a respectful tone,bowing to his superior. "Thank you ever so much for agreeing to marry Sally and I today,I very must appreciate it."

"Don't mention it,Jack,anything for you. I must say,I've been inwardly eager for you to finally find a special someone to love and marry. Now,you finally have and such a match. Sally is perfect for you." Queen Samhain replied as she congratulated Jack. "And to think you two are going to be wed on one of the most wonderful times of the year,Christmas Eve."

"I know,it's quite the spectacle,so many people arrived." Jack said,straining up his tie. "But,do you really believe I'm ready for all this,to be married that is?"

"Of course,you are,Jack,you're beyond ready." Queen Samhain answered with no doubt in her tone. "Jack,anyone in their right mind who would want to marry a person as wonderful and kind as Sally is more than ready to do so. Sally,is after all,your perfect match,and I think you two are going to live happily ever after for all eternity."

"She's right,Jack,I have a feeling you and Sally are going to be a love that will last forever." Santa Claus agreed,a smile playing upon his lips. "I've seen you two together so many times and words can't describe how in love you two were. Never in my many years have I seen a couple like that,not until seeing you two. In my opinion,I think this Christmas Eve is going to be the most magical yet."

"You know what," Jack said,a delighted smile creepy up his boney lips. "I think you may be right. With that said,I think I'm ready to do this. Speaking of which,where's Sally?"

"From what I heard,Sally is on her way here now and ready to marry you." Queen Samhain said as she prepared the bible. "If I'm right,she should be arriving any minute."

Suddenly,the Mayor came through the cathedral doors and cried out "Places everyone,places! Sally's here at the Halloween Town Cathedral and she's on her way inside!"

That statement caused everyone in the cathedral to cheer out excitedly,the time had finally come at last.

"Alright,Jack,it looks like it's time." Queen Samhain said as she proceeded to call out to everyone. "Alright,everyone,please be seated,the wedding of Jack Skellington and Sally Finkelstein is about to begin!"

With that,everyone took their seats and Jack himself prepared himself for what was to come next. Within a minute or two,Sally,his Sally,his dearest friend and soon to be wife,would come gracefully walking down the aisle,ready to marry him. He'd been waiting all day for this moment and was finally here.

"This is it,Jack,you ready for this?" Santa asked softly.

"Ready as I'll ever be." Jack replied,awaiting for the big moment.

Just then,the doors of the Halloween Town Cathedral came open and the crowd let out a gasp of awe because walking into the room with elegance was none other than Sally herself. Jack had to admit he was awestruck himself because Sally looked absolutely gorgeous. She was wearing a stunning patchwork wedding gown of orange,black,some regal purple,and a bit of white. It was held together by ribbons,complete with a red flower on her waist. Jack knew she'd made the dress herself,for nobody could make a lovely dress like Sally could. Atop her head was a glittering white veil and a bit of holly in her hair. Her dark red hair worn freely,Sally Finkelstein was a sight to behold. At her side,was her father,Dr.Finkelstein,who was carefully making sure that the wheels of his wheelchair did not catch her dress. The large headed,duckbilled mad scientist was dressed in a simply black suit and wore a large bowler hat upon his head. All the wedding guests could not help but stare at the bride as she made her way down the aisle,heading straight for Jack at the alter. A warm feeling of exhilaration filled Jack's bones as Sally came forward. In her hand was a bouquet of orange,red,and gold flowers,and upon her lips was a happy smile. Merrily skipping behind them,were Lock,Shock,and Barrel. The three former henchmen of Oogie Boogie had agreed to serve as the ring bearers and flower girl at the wedding. Despite being the case of much of the chaos that Christmas Eve,Jack had ultimately managed to reform them,even after he gave them a thorough scolding for endangering Santa Claus. Lock and Barrel carried a velvet pillow with Jack and Sally's wedding rings on it,which Shock happily skipped along,throwing red and orange flower petals behind them. At long last,Sally arrived at the alter,taking Jack by the hand as they stood together. Dr. Finkelstein smiled at Jack and respectfully tipped his hat to the Pumpkin King,which Jack gladly returned. Dr. Finkelstein greatly approved of Jack marrying his daughter,saying that he was a fine man and would suite his Sally perfectly. He then turned away,rolling over in his wheel chair to go sit with Jewel,his wife that he'd created in his lab. Jack and Sally,staring each other in the eye,looked at each lovingly as they got ready for the moment that would change their lives forever.

"You look beautiful today,Sally." Jack whispered softly,smiling at the love of his life. 

"Thank you,I made the dress myself." Sally replied quietly,giggling a bit.

Queen Samhain smiled at the happy couple,finding them adorable,but proceeded to get serious and started the ceremony.

"Dearly beloved," Queen Samhain said proudly. " we are gathered here today in the grand Halloween Town Cathedral to unite our beloved Pumpkin King,Jack Skellington,and his dearest love,Sally Finkelstein,in holy matrimony. These two lovers have come a long way since that fateful Christmas Eve,we've all watched them grow and flourish in their love for each other. And now,on this day,they shall be married at last. So,without further ado,let us begin. Ring bearers,please present the wedding rings."

Lock and Barrel nodded as they walked up the Jack and Sally,lifting up the velvet pillow to them. Jack,very carefully,took Sally's wedding ring and slipped it on her dainty,pale blue finger. Sally's wedding ring was a gold ring with a bejeweled jack o'lantern on it. Now that she was being married to the Pumpkin King,Jack saw it only fitting that her wedding ring be the very essence of Halloween Town. Sally smiled at Jack lovingly as she proceeded to take his wedding ring of the velvet pillow and put it on his bony finger. Sally's wedding ring was one that was very special. The ring was silver with designs of Autumn leaves on it. But,what made it truly special was the jewels,emeralds and rubies. Since they were going to get married on the day of Christmas Eve,Sally thought it best for the jewels to have the colors of Christmas,green and red. Jack very much liked that idea,immediately agreeing to it when Sally suggested it. Once that was done,they moved onto the wedding vows.

"And now,we shall move on to the wedding vows,in which the couple shall exchange their promises to one another this holy day. These promises shall be unbreakable and shall last an eternity,just like their love." Queen Samhain said warmly,proceeding to turn to Jack. "Now,let the vows begin. Jack,would you like to go first?"

Jack nodded and said "Yes,Your Majesty,I do and there's something I'd like to say to Sally. Sally,I really ought to thank you,for all you've done for me. All that time,when I was caught up in the whole Christmas incident,you did your best to help me in any way you possibly could. You not only tried to warn me of what a disaster my Christmas would be,but you also made a fog to attempt to stop me from leaving and even went as far as going down to Oogie's lair to rescue Santa. I'll admit,I was blind to your efforts and advances,I apologize for that,but I'll tell you something right now. When I discovered you down in Oogie's lair after I defeated him,I realized that you'd gone there was because you wanted to help me. You were so willing to go out of your way to not only save Santa Claus from Oogie,but to also save me from myself. You didn't want to see me hurt or destroyed,I almost was when the military tried to blow me up,nor did you want me to fail in keeping Santa Claus safe like I'd intended. I knew right at that moment that if there was somebody out there who loved me enough to save me,I knew I could love that person back. And I think you're going to help me a whole lot more when you become my wife today,Sally. Throughout eternity,you're going to be right by my side,loving and caring for me with everything you've got. You'll be there to comfort me when I'm sad,to make me laugh so I'll be happy,to heal me when I'm hurt,to guide me when I feel lost,and most of all,to make me feel like the luckiest man in the world. I guess what I'm trying to say here Sally is that I love you,I always will. Today's Christmas Eve,Sally,and while I will receive many gifts today,the greatest gift I will receive today is marrying you. You are my greatest Christmas present today Sally,I hope you'll always remember that."

"I will,Jack,I promise." Sally said,happy tears springing up in her eyes.

Not only was Sally crying happy tears,but so was everyone else in the cathedral. Everyone in the cathedral was smiling and crying happy tears at Jack's touching words to Sally,which they thought was one of the most beautiful things they'd ever heard. Santa Claus himself shed a couple,very moved and nodding in agreement to what Jack had said,Dr.Finkelstein clasped Jewel's hand in a moved,tearful way,the Mayor began sobbing dramatically and hugged the nearest person sitting next to him,Zero,Jack's ever faithful ghost dog,who was shedding tears along with him. Lock,Shock,and Barrel were so moved that they all began hugging each other as they shed happy tears for the soon to be married couple. Even Queen Samhain could not help,but tear up.

"That was beautiful,Jack,simply beautiful." Queen Samhain said,very moved,but managed to regain her composure. "But,moving on,it is now Sally's turn to say her vows. Sally,if you please."

Sally nodded,proceeding clear her throat as she proceeded to speak.

"Jack,hands down,you're by far the best thing that's have ever happened to me." Sally said kindly as she began. "Ever since I was brought to life by my father,I've always felt inside my stitched up body that I needed something more in my life,something to make me feel truly alive. True,I had been brought alive by a scientist,walking,talking,and thinking just like any other person,but I felt like I needed more. I didn't realize that until I first met you one Halloween and I realized that what I needed to be truly alive...was love,I needed love. I instantly fell for you; You were so kind,friendly,charming,and adorable,a perfect gentleman. You never took advantage of me,raised your voice at me,or harmed me in anyway,you treated me like queen. You made me feel like I was more than just a bunch of stitched up parts and dead leaves,you made me feel like I could be so much more. That's why I escaped so many times from my father's lab,just to see you. I wanted to see you and feel like that all the time,more than anything. You gave me a reason to care about someone other than myself,which is love's all about. I wanted you to love me back,though,that you'd realize how much I cared. It took a while,through much hard work and being kidnapped by that despicable Oogie Boogie,but it was worth it because that fateful Christmas Eve,you declared your love for me,giving me my first kiss. Since that time,I've been the happiest woman in the world and I think will be for all eternity now that we're going to be married. I don't know what's going to happen in the future,but as long as I'm with you,I'll be all for it."

"You took the words right out of my mouth,Sally." Jack said warmly,a silver happy tear slipping down his boney cheek.

"Oh dear,just when I thought things couldn't get any more beautiful,they just did." Santa Claus said,wiping away happy tears with a handkerchief. "This is by far the most wonderful Christmas Eve ever."

"Too true,Mr. Claus." Queen Samhain said,her heart melting,but focusing on the ceremony. "With the vows said,it is time for the bride to take a very special oath."

Queen Samhain raised her hand and conjured up a golden chalice with designs of jack o' lanterns,bats,and creepy creatures on it. It was filled with an orange,glowing liquid within it that looked liked pure sunshine.

"This is the All Hallows Chalice,a magical object that bestows immortality and great power to those who sip from it." Queen Samhain declared. "I myself drank from it when I became high queen and Jack drank from it when he became the Pumpkin King of Halloween. Now,Sally Finkelstein shall drink from it,since she is to be the wife and consort to the Pumpkin King. But,before she drinks it,Sally must take the oath that Jack took when he first became the Pumpkin King. Do you understand this,Sally?"

Sally nodded and said "I do,Your Majesty,I understand completely."

"Splendid,now let the oath taking commence." Queen Samhain said,proceeding to get serious. "Will you,Sally Finkelstein,daughter of Dr. Silas Tiberius Finkelstein,solemnly swear to govern the people of Halloween Town with justice and fairness? Will you care for and guide them in times of darkness,listen to them willingly,respect their opinions and beliefs,and protect them,no matter the cost? Will you bring Halloween,in all its glory,and respect its ancient laws that were set forth by me when the holiday first began? Will you uphold all the duties that are expected of you?"

"I solemnly promise that all that you ask of me will be fulfilled." Sally said sincerely.

"Then,by the will of I,Queen Samhain,high monarch of Halloween,bestow upon you immortality and power. You may now drink." Queen Samhain said,handing Sally the chalice. "But,no this,once the immortality is bestowed,it can never be undone. There will be no turning back after this,this you now know."

Giving Queen Samhain a respectful nod,Sally brought the All Hallows Chalice to her lips and took a drink. The liquid,so sweet and warm,caressed her tongue gently as it trickled down her throat. After Sally had drank from the All Hallows Chalice,her body began to glow with golden power,signifying that she was now immortal like Jack. She felt different,but in a good way. Once Sally was made immortal,it finally came time for the final part of the ceremony. It was time for the final vows,on which Jack and Sally would be declared husband and wife.

"Do you,Jack Skellington,the Pumpkin King,take Sally Finkelstein to be your lawfully wedded wife." Queen Samhain asked. "In sickness and in heath,for richer or for poorer,to have and to hold,for better or for worse,to love,to cherish,from this day forward,for all eternity and after?"

"I do." Jack said,clasping Sally's hand gently.

"And do you,Sally Finkelstein,take Jack Skellington to be your lawfully wedded husband?" Queen Samhain asked,turning to Sally. "In sickness and in health,for richer or for poorer,to have and to hold,for better or for worse,to love,to cherish,from this day forward,for all eternity and after?"

"I do,I most sincerely do." Sally said,feeling more happy than she'd ever been in her entire life.

"Then,by the power vested in me,I now pronounce you husband and wife!" Queen Samhain declared happily. "You may now kiss the bride!"

Just as Queen Samhain had said that,a sprout of mistletoe grew on the ceiling,right where Jack and Sally were standing. Jack and Sally were rather surprised and awe of this,having no idea where the mistletoe had come from. But then,they looked out into the crowd and saw that in the middle row,smiling at them warmly,was Mistletonia,the Christmas Matchmaker. She was a lovely young girl with red lips,pink hair,pale skin,and dressed in a gown made from mistletoe leaves. She gave the newly wed couple a wink. On Christmas Eve,any couple that stands under the mistletoe must kiss and such kisses are a magical thing. Jack and Sally could think of no better way to end the ceremony than to kiss under the mistletoe. So,with all the passion they had,their lips met for a very beautiful kiss. The moment their lips connected,the wedding guests erupted into applause as they cheered for the newly weds. Soon,Jack and Sally broke apart,smiling at each other lovingly. Life couldn't get much better than this,that they knew was right.

"Merry Christmas,Mrs.Skellington." Jack said,smiling widely at his new wife.

"Merry Christmas,Mr. Skellington." Sally replied with a chuckle.

There are many Christmas gifts one can give to a person,but perhaps the greatest gift one can give on Christmas is love. Love is  what Christmas is all about. It gives us a reason to be selfless and kind to people on the holiest night of the year,to give to those who are less fortunate,and make the wishes of others come true. Jack and Sally,that very day on Christmas Eve,knew that they'd received the greatest Christmas present of all,and that was being married to each other. Though they weren't sure what life would be like in the future for them,at least they'd be together and that was enough. 
Here's my Christmas story for December twenty fourth everyone! I hope you all enjoy it and bring some tissues,I think you may cry while reading it. Btw,Sally's wedding dress in the story is based off a piece of artwork on Deviantart that I loved and had to include in this story. It was done by the brilliant Jubilee-Darling and I personally thank the artist for inspiring me with such a wonderful piece (the link to her art work All rights go to her,I own nothing but the story.


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