Jey Min (SOTA)


I write when I gain inspiration. I aspire to be a published poet someday.

Parallel/Perpetual Motion

December 27, 2018


I lie awake at night thinking of the things
that are going to be.
The darkness within has exhausted
and hesitant steadiness all that lasted

So paralyzed in the face of fear
Fragile mortality wavers;
but every second that the monster crawls closer
my persistent resolve hardens.
Fear not in the face of death;
for all shall return to the Earth.
To dust, to soil, to dirt.
If you wish for the light to illuminate;
Stand not in the way of illumination.
For there is only Fear to fear itself;
not mortality or loss in the face of calamity.
To heal is to feel the bitter, burning salve.
To run; to be free.
To live is to forget about the self before.
But I have emerged from my cocoon
and I can spread my wings and take flight.
One day I shall return to the earth but
today I will stay suspended.
The end of my road is nowhere in sight
To who I was, to what I’ve said, I can only whisper a
bittersweet goodbye.


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  • RNE

    that's beautiful!

    almost 2 years ago
  • Ryder

    Wow! This belongs in a book! It is amazing!

    almost 2 years ago