Kyra Young

United States

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February 21, 2016


0 is the number of times I've stopped loving everything about you. 

1 is how many times I've fell in love; I'm thankful it was you.

2 is the number of times I've cried over you, they're going to be more.

3 will probably be how many arguments we'll have yearly, but never leave each other.

4 will be the number of little us I want.

5 is the number of years I want to have with you before marriage, seems fair to me.

6 is how many emotions I go through and you handle every single one like a pro.

7 is considered a lucky number; my lucky number is the day you asked me to be yours.

8 is the minimum number of kisses and hugs I want from you a day.

9 is not the number of years we're going to spend together; there will be many more years to come.


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