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My Piece For My #MyNextNewYear Prompt :D

December 22, 2018


Written on chronological order, not order of excitement. :) 

1. January 18th: Glass release! 
This is the next M. Night Shyamalan movie that also happens to have James McAvoy co-starring. (See my bio XD.)  :) I’ve looked forward to it for a while now. 

2. February 1st: My sister’s birthday party. 
Yes, she’s only turning 11. Yes, she’s only inviting people her age. But we’re close, I get to make the cake, and I like parties. XD

3. March 8th: Captain Marvel release!
Lordy, I’m such a nerd XD. But if this explains some of the zillion questions from Infinity War, I’m all for it!

April 26th: Avengers: Endgame release!!!
Boy, I do like movies, don't I. BUT ehr ma geeeerd I'm so exciteeeeeed! Movie of the YEAR right here. Oh dang, it's gonna kill me...but I'm so excited. Thanks so much, Russo brothers. *sobs and laughs simultaneously*

4. May 20th: Last day of 2018-19 school year!

5. June 26th: I can get my driver's license.
Oh gosh, I'm so terrified. XD

6. June sometime: Visiting Chicago with my grandma for my 16th birthday.
Yay! So excited! This trip has been in the works since I was 11. Therefore, I've been excited about it for 5 years! Joy!

7. June or July sometime: Family vacation!
For the first time in my 15 and 1/2 years of life, we're going on an actual, real, long-ish family vacation. We've visited Colorado before, but it was only for a day or 2. Now we're going to CALIFORNIA (halfway across the country for us XD) for 2 weeks! :D

8. Late August: School starts!
I really am a nerd XD. I LOOK FORWARD to school starting. But there's more than one reason. :P

9. September: Youth group returns.
My youth group is a school year only thing, so they don't meet during the summer. :) I'll be glad to be back! :D

10. November 1st: NANOWRIMO!
This is the highlight of my writing year without a doubt. So much writing done in just a month...and I've already got an idea.

11. December: Winter Break.
I would write Christmas, but we don't tend to do holidays. :) December is my time to worry about finals, take them (fingers crossed!), read middle grade books that are too easy for me, and make cookies. XD


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