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If I Were a Tree

December 22, 2018


If I were a tree
I’d be a sprawling oak
And I’d wrap my crown
With a viridian cloak

I’d explode from a seed
With such energy
No human could muster
If I were a tree

My roots would run deep
Carve through the earth
The soil my bed
The sun my hearth

I’d breath in the sky
In the rain falling down
I’d look up at the stars
As the moon walks it’s rounds

In my arms I’d hold light
And all the little life
I’d offer them shelter 
From life’s little strife

And when soldiers come
And make me bleed
I’ll give them a home 
And help them breathe 

If I should fall
Or be cut by a sword
I’ll still give my breath
And feed the world

I would be pleased 
If I were a tree


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1 Comment
  • SuperKewlKiwi

    This is great. The pictures you paint are vivid an beautiful

    over 1 year ago