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make it count.

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December 22, 2018


soooo like

yesterday this guy told me
that he liked me 
and tomorrow
we're going to the movies together 
and idk how to feel
or how to act
or if i've made the right decision, because
i like him too
i'm not sure if i'm ready for a relationship
or the attention that comes with it
or the stress, the commitment. 

maybe i'm just going crazy because
this is what i wanted, right?

but now i'm getting cold feet
in warm water 
and my brain is turning circles over itself because 

just a few hours ago, 
another boy told me he liked me 
but i don't feel the same way and 
i don't want to hurt his feelings.

so much has happened for my once 
non-existent love life
in the past weekend
than in my entire life 
and i'm so confused 

is this all one elaborate joke on me?

but i am writing this now because
i just need someone to talk to
to let this out to and 
i don't trust my parents
and my friends are busy.  

thank you.  <3
um so yeah this has been an interesting weekend.  also, in response to Blotted Ink with a Broken Quill, I will definitely try to enter your contest and Ryder, I will review your pieces :)


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  • Riley Noel

    Okay, I know this comment is like really late but, I do hope everything worked out in the end and you feel better about everything now. Just remember that its okay to feel nervous, and strange, and confused, but make sure if you ever feel like something is off or you don't feel okay to stop and look at the situation/person again.
    Anyway, this piece was absolutely amazing! I felt like I was reading a gossip collum or chatting with a friend over a cup of tea :)

    2 months ago
  • AbigailSauble

    That'd be hard not to trust one's parents ... I'm sorry.

    3 months ago
  • CreativeAngel

    I eat air

    3 months ago
  • CreativeAngel

    You’ll have many notifications when you check

    3 months ago
  • CreativeAngel

    Like a lot

    3 months ago
  • CreativeAngel

    Also I’m here to spam you

    3 months ago
  • CreativeAngel


    3 months ago
  • CreativeAngel

    I’m actually bored

    3 months ago
  • CreativeAngel

    I’m just realizing I only know part but whatevs
    I’ve kept much secrets from you (devil emoji)

    3 months ago
  • CreativeAngel


    3 months ago
  • CreativeAngel

    Yess all those comments are correct don't lead him on! I kinda didn't see this till after everything happened but hey i still knew about it! I was thinking something so i'll text you when i get my thoughts sorted out! Believe sister you got this!

    3 months ago
  • Misfit

    Oh my goodness.

    3 months ago
  • green.eyes.gurl


    3 months ago
  • nevaredhp

    oooh girl that was some tea! With the boy you do like, treat it as hanging out with a good friend if you can. With the boy you don't like, just be straightforward and say "i'm sorry, but I don't feel the same way."

    (but ultimately just pray because I don't know anything) <3

    3 months ago
  • camlily

    aww thank you so so so so much!!! that is so helpful and ilsym for the advice <3 <3 <3 you are so very kind.

    3 months ago
  • Dani A. Remlap

    Girl, congrats. As for the boy you don't like? Let him down easy. It's not fun but its better than leading him on. Go to the movies, enjoy yourself. Trust me, being nervous is normal. Do some thinking about if you truly want a relationship. But sweetie, don't sweat it. Just enjoy your time and don't worry. Breathe. You got this.

    3 months ago
  • camlily

    thank you!! :))

    3 months ago
  • Quille

    Sounds interesting... I hope you can get things straightened out well :D
    This makes a very good poem though! :DD

    3 months ago