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February 16, 2016

    I sat on a bench in Waverly Park. The birds flew from tree to tree, singing their songs. The smell of flowers blew in the light breeze and settled easily in the air around me. The sound of children laughing and playing on the nearby playgrounds made the park feel alive. Every thing was perfect. There wasn't a cloud in sight and sun was shining beautifully on the town of Richmond. 
     I took a small drink out of my half-filled water bottle and looked down at my phone to see if Avery had replied to my message yet; no response. I set my phone down on top of my purse and closed my eyes. I began to think about the first time 
Avery and I met. I remember the day back from summer in second grade like it happened only yesterday.
    My father walked me to my classroom like he had always done since my first day of preschool. I saw all of the desks, my classmates, my teacher, and most importantly, the class snake which still gives me nightmares to this day. The bell had rang and everyone rushed around to find their assigned seats. I found mine in the back of the room next to the window, which gave me an excellent view of the playground. We were grouped into pods of 4. In my pod sat Tracy Starke (the most conceited person I know), Dillon Matthews (the kid whom I've had the biggest crush on since we kissed at our daycare), and some girl who had a pretty red bow in her dark brunette hair, pale skin, wearing a white, lacy dress on her petite body, and white, knee-high socks which correlated well with the black flats she was wearing. I took a quick glimpse at her name tag and read the name; Avery Grant. She had seen me glance at her name tag and took a look at mine. "Hello, Evanie Howard," said the girl, smiling, "It's nice to meet you." 
    I felt my phone vibrate and took a look at it. It was a message from Avery saying, "Hey, I'm gonna be a little late. Do you want me to grab you a smoothie from Darci's Market?" I opened up my keyboard and replied, "Mmm... A strawberry-kiwi smoothie sure sounds good right now." 
    Fifteen minutes passed and I began to see Avery's car pull up to the curb and watched as she payed the parking meter. She locked her car and ran over with a smoothie in each hand. "I'm so sorry I'm late, Ev. I fell asleep and lost track of time I'm so sorry." I stood up, grabbed my smoothie out of her hand, took a large sip, and told her that it was alright, the smoothie was a good apology gift. 
    Avery took a seat by me on the bench and began to put her hair up in a high ponytail. Her eyes were red and puffy like she had been crying and she looked exhausted. "Is everything alright, Avery?" I asked. "Oh, yes! Everything is perfect I just rub my eyes too much when I sleep and they get all puffy and gross looking. It's terrible." she replied as if she were trying to hide something from me. I shrugged my shoulders, took out my laptop, and went to the project we had been working on in Econ. 
    After three long hours, we decided to pack up our things and head for my house to finish the project. Once we got to my house, we threw in a frozen pizza, quickly ate the whole thing, and ran upstairs to my bedroom to fall asleep for the night.
    While sleeping, I heard someone in my bathroom, vomiting. I ran over to the door and knocked. I heard Avery's voice through the thin door and say, "I'm okay, I think I'm just sick from the pizza. Just go back to bed I'll be out in a minute, Evanie." I replied with a soft and tired 'okay' and did as she told me. 
    After that night I didn't see Avery for more than a month. Every time I had asked her to hangout, she was always busy. I didn't see her at school for a while either, which really worried me. I missed my best friend, and if I had done something wrong for her to be mad at me, I wanted to know so we could at least talk things out and accept each other's apologies. So one day after school, I decided to bring her a smoothie and take her all of her homework that she needed to do. 
    I rang Avery's door bell and her mother came to the door. Mrs. Grant always looked stunning and sophisticated, kind of like a rich lawyer. "Well hello, Evanie!", she said as she leaned into the door way. "Hi, Mrs. Grant. Is Avery around?" as soon as I asked that question, I saw a change in the way she looked. Her glowing skin turned into a dark gray, her smile slowly faded and her eyes looked as if tears were about to stream down her face. My stomach dropped. What was wrong? Was Avery okay? Mrs. Grant took my hand and softly said, "Come inside, sweetie. Avery is upstairs." 
    I walked up the staircase to see a sick girl laying in her bed with Avery's father. When I got closer, I realized that that sick girl was my best friend, Avery Grant. She looked up at me, and she saw one of my tears hit her hard wood floor. "Please don't hate me, Ev. I promise I meant to tell you but I didn't know how to I promise I did." said Avery, weakly. It felt as if I had swallowed my stomach. I looked back at Avery and asked, "What is wrong Avery? Why are you so sick?" Avery replied slowly, and softly with, "Avery, I have leukemia. I'm dying."


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