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Dogs: Man's Best Friend

February 13, 2016

When I was around five years old, I was told by my parents that we were finally going to get a dog. I had dreamed about having my own dog for about a year, and couldn't believe it when they finally relented to my persistent requests. We were getting a dog, and I couldn't stay in my skin. A few days passed, and with each day, my anticipation for a dog grew! Finally, the day came, and I walked through the doors of the Humane Society and was attacked by a cacophony of dog barks. I walked by each kennel, and looked at the different shapes, sizes and colors of the dogs. Each of them jumping up and down, whining and barking. But then, I took a corner, and there laid a red puppy. Her front paws were crossed and she sat, alert yet quiet.  At that time, my siblings and I knew that that red dog was the one for us. Later we found ourselves signing the papers to take this puppy home. 
    A few days passed, and we were still unsure of a name. Belle? Marley? I then realized that we should name her after her ruby red coat. "Ruby!" I told my family. I saw my family's countenances light up, and I knew that Ruby was the right name for her. I seemed to have an immediate connection to Ruby, and she was my best friend. If I was feeling sad, I had Ruby there as a real life teddy bear. If I couldn't finish my popsicle, Ruby was there to lick it all up. When I was learning to ride a bike, and had just taken the training wheels off, I remember losing my balance. I fell, and looked at my bleeding knee with blurred vision from tears. When I was crying for my mom, Ruby came running around the side of the house and began licking my face, and taking care of my scraped knee. She was my mother, until my real mother could get there. 

    Now, as I navigate high school, and run into friend troubles, Ruby is there to listen to my ridiculous, unrealistic, fourteen year old teenage feelings and thoughts. She was there yet again to lick away tears and be a good cuddle buddy. Her simple ability to make my feel happier in a few short minutes was something that was hard to find in people. My family was always there, but there was a different kind of love that a dog provided. 


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