Monica Constable

United Kingdom

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Hey guys this is my first piece of work so i would love it if you could tell me how i did and what i could improve on for next time!

life...evil ?

February 7, 2016


Life is short ,life is long ,life is cruel and life is nice .However much you look at the world you are always going to see evil among the nice and life is going to be shorter and less fulfilled and for some its gonna be the opposite .Evil is a word you would of found people describing demons or the devil himself that lives beneath us where the soil grows and plants grow .But the word evil is finding its way into our thoughts and mouths and into the 21st century and now it lives not just beneath us but among us .The scary thing is that its used to describe people and the scary bit of that is that there should be no evil among us and it certainly shouldn't be used to describe people but that is how people are becoming in this word ,in this society  .


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