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I am an aspiring writer who happens to live on a farm and love cats! So as it is said on my blog, I'm an author, farmer, and daughter of the King of Kings. I hope my writing leaves you with some kind of blessing today, big or little.

God bless!

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A last-minute attempt at an allegorical fantasy story. :) Please share your opinions!

#manateecontest Forest of Peace

December 27, 2018


I have to find it. Prince of Peace, if you exist at all, help me find it.

Reining my horse in hard to the right, I darted glances every which way. The shadows stretched lazily eastward. Dusk encroached faster than lions in these woods. I was running out of time.

The legend of the Prince of Peace told us it was in these woods. So when Father asked me to undertake this mission - to save my sister - I hadn't spoken to him about my doubts. The image of Kara's stricken face seared my mind. I panted with the same hard, fast breaths as my horse. We couldn't stop. Yet for all I knew, Kara was already dead, stolen from this world.

"Prince of Peace, don't let my sister die."

I drove my heels into the horse's sides and we lunged forward again. if it became much darker, we'd risk encountering the lions who patrolled these forests under cover of night. I shoved these spiraling thoughts from my head and continued my frenzied search. The lions were only rumors - no one had come here in years.
I have to find it.

Again, Kara's face, fevered and pale, anchored itself before my eyes. Her last whispered message to me, "I won't blame you if you don't find it."

Galloping through uncharted woods, I gasped out a sob.

My focus on the task was lost. Dark settled precipitously. Where was the trail?

A sound pierced the chorus of night crickets. The horse slid, almost falling, as he halted against my command. He listened, big ears perked forward. I listened. The sound came again. A roar of such volume, the forest seemed to shatter in its wake. I was hardly surprised when my horse bolted and I landed on the forest floor. His hoofbeats receded back the way we'd come.

Alone. In the dark. I held my breath. Was it a lion we'd heard? In these lands, who could tell?

I tried to see through the inky black, but I could scarcely see my own hands palm-down on the damp earth. Prince of Peace . . . the legends say you give strength to your people. I'll keep searching alone if I have to, just please . . .

My frantic prayer came to a halt when footsteps came down the trail towards me. I froze like the ice of Carliss Lake, which never thawed in the spring. The footsteps, obviously some animal's, padded gently on the ground, reverberating.

A slight glow drew my attention. It seemed to ooze from a small, formless object directly ahead. Gradually, the blur cleared, leaving behind a perfect, white rose.

My eyes went wide. I might have cried out in joy for having found the cure if the footsteps had not drawn nearer. Still, I could not see the creature. I could only hear its voice, so impossibly deep it may have come from the recesses of the earth itself.

"Go, Daughter. Take the rose home to your sister. It will heal her. I will protect her till your arrival."

Prince of Peace.

"You know the truth, now, Daughter. Don't doubt it."

Though I saw nor heard anything more, I instinctively knew the creature was gone. The lack of his presence radiated to the core of my soul.

The rose still glowed. I dug it up from the earth. Still, it beamed. It would light my way out of these woods. And the Prince of Peace had assured me I would return home safely. 

And these woods, clearly they were not enchanted. No, they hummed with a magic that was not foul. For the Prince of Peace met his people here.


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  • majestically awkward manatee


    11 months ago
  • majestically awkward manatee

    Also, I will let you know in the comments of this piece once the winners are posted. I have two pieces about details for the winner of my contest if you want to go look at those :)

    12 months ago
  • majestically awkward manatee

    Wow!! This was incredible!! Wonderful use of a rose in your peace!!! Great word choice and wonderful descriptions! Also, the figurative language was beautiful!!!!! Thanks so much for entering my contest!!!! This was wonderful :D

    12 months ago
  • Hannah Gaudette - JoyfulWriter

    Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

    12 months ago
  • Quille

    Good job! This is absolutely fantastic :D

    12 months ago