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Here's my poem for December twenty first everyone! Hope you all enjoy and have a happy holidays! Christmas is almost here and my poems are still coming! Please read and comment on,I want to know what you think!

The Singing Christmas Mouse,A Poem For December Twenty First:

December 21, 2018


Description: Hey all,today is December twenty first,the twenty first day of the Christmas season! Only a few more days until Christmas and I'm eager as a beaver for one of the most wonderful times of the year. Even if you celebrate different holidays like Hanukkah or Kwanza,that's okay because no matter what holiday you celebrate,there's still a reason to be exited for the holiday season! Anyway,today's holiday poem is about the Singing Christmas Mouse,a special mouse who goes around singing Christmas songs for people. Why does this mouse do this and why do his songs get people in the mood? Read and find out! Enjoy!

Rated: K+ (just to be safe)

Every Christmas,our hearts are aglow

As we decorate the tree and spend time with every loved one

But,one of the very best parts are the songs on the radio

Ones of holiday cheer and joyful fun

We've all heard White Christmas and Jingle Bells of course

The First Noel,Frosty the Snowman,and Winter Wonderland 

There's that wonderful tune Sleigh Ride,with the sounds of a horse

All of them merry,jolly,and grand

Some of the best songs are sung by choirs

Ones who go about singing from door to door

Imparting songs like O Holy Night,that warm our hearts like fires

Such songs are something we cherish and adore

But,sometimes when the holidays haven't been going great

And there are those who've got the holiday blues

When life's troubles start to depress and agitate 

When people are despondent to the goodwill and news

We've all had those times

When the Christmas spirit doesn't come through 

When people are singing carols and we're in no mood to sing the rhymes

And our holiday spirit fails to renew

However,there's someone special out there

Who can lift the spirits of the downhearted with a Christmas song

He travels across the land,just about everywhere

Making them feel right even after things have gone wrong

Though he's not very big,

In fact,this fellow is rather small

His Christmas songs will have people doing a happy jig

Causing their Christmas spirit to bounce back like a basketball 

Through cities and towns,is where he'll go 

Visiting every mighty building or quaint house 

His name is this and you know will now know

That he's the Singing Christmas Mouse

The Singing Christmas Mouse is this fellow's name

A dear little creature whose heart is very large

His songs will ignite your Christmas spirit like a flame

Tunes that are sure to make it recharge 

To the tune of trumpets and drums,

He'll sing the merry songs of Yule 

People will have their spirits lifted and sing when he comes

Even if life has been merciless and cruel 

Be it Christmas Canon or Carol Of The Bells,

The Singing Christmas Mouse will impart the tune

His songs will enchant them like magic spells

Joining in the melody as they listen to him croon

The Singing Christmas Mouse was born with the gift of song

Gifted with a lovely voice that could soften even the hardest heart

Sometimes,he would sing all day long

All the mice called his voice a work of art

But,his favorite songs of all

Were the ones sung during Christmas time

He listened to each one,both great and small

From the ones sung by choirs to the ones at church,where heavenly bells chime

Such lovely songs touched his soul

He adored how they brought happiness and cheer

So,he opened his mouth,his heart ever so full

Singing these Christmas songs for all to hear

His gentle notes filled the air,

Drifting through the skies,

Those who heard it could not help but stand there

And be in awe as a tear came to their eyes

He sang Oh Come All Ye Faithful and Mary,Did You Know

Last Christmas and Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

As he stood outside in the winter snow 

People's spirits were rising,eliminating each frown

Their smiles grew wider as he sang each song

Forgetting all the pain they'd faced that day

They were so happy,that they began to sing along

Carrying the tune in a most harmonious way

The more this mouse sang,

The more people came together 

Throughout the sky,their voices rang

Despite the cold and frigid weather

Such singing was amazing

And it was worthy of much applause

There were so many spirits raising

That it caught the attention of Santa Claus

From up in the North Pole,

Santa heard the singing so appealing

Hearing so many voices together as a whole

Had his heart and heart reeling

Using his magic,he found the source of the singing 

And a look of surprise and awe appeared on his face

That the reason all this joy was springing

Was because of a little mouse with a voice of beauty and grace

Santa couldn't believe it,

That so many people had answered this creatures melodious call

Yet,somehow he'd been able to achieve it

It had been done by a mouse so small

Santa had seen so many miracles,yet this one was quite possibly the greatest of all

Even after the singing had ceased,its notes lingered on

Santa knew that this mouse had a gift

For when he would sing and his notes would drift

Bringing all people together and all feeling of sorrow would be gone

So,Santa got a wonderful design

For this mouse with a voice beautiful and strong

To bring people together and within them,let Christmas spirit shine

So,Santa called up the small rodent and took him to his house

When Santa asked him if he'd do the task,what happened next you can guess

"I'd be honored,sir." said the little mouse

And Santa knew that was a yes

From that moment forward,

He became known as the Singing Christmas Mouse

Bringing Christmas cheer to all is what he works toward

He'll persevere until he succeeds,no matter if a person may be despondent or will grouse

He'll enter a town or area

Accompanied by a mouse music band

Once the music and song start,gone will be all feelings of pain and hysteria

As they hear the little rodent sing Silver Bells and Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

All their feelings of sorrow and misery will melt away

They'll soon be singing along with holiday cheer

Each musical note flying like reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh

He'll sing all through the day and night

Bringing joy to people who need it the most

Singing sweetly,setting their hearts alight

From England and America to Russia and the Mexican Coast

With his band playing songs on their flutes,trumpets,and drums

He'll sing with jolliness and goodwill 

With notes as sweet as sugar plums

Making people feel warm despite winter's chill

Such singing can really give people a thrill 

Sometimes,we can be grumpy during the Christmas season

Especially when we've had a rough day

But,all it takes is a little Christmas music to give us a reason

To give into the cheeriness and Christmas's gentle sway

No matter the amount of Christmas cheer

No matter if it tiny or small

It can get rid of all disgruntlement and fear

Proving that on Christmas,peace truly conquers all

It's proven that we learn that when the day is over and done

That something little can grow into something big and moving

That even the smallest of creatures can bring us together as one

There is no doubt and disproving 

When things go wrong for you,

Do not become miserable or grouse

You will find that the Christmas spirit can shine through

When you hear the song of the Singing Christmas Mouse
Here's my poem for December twenty first everyone! Hope you all enjoy and have a happy holidays!


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  • Mr. Colin E.

    Happy holidays as you as well!!! Believe me,my dear friend,I love to tell stories and if you think I'm stopping after December twenty fifth,you're dead wrong. I've got some ideas for every day of December and I will guarantee that you won't be disappointed the slightest. Merry Christmas!!!!

    over 1 year ago
  • rainandsonder

    I hope you have happy holidays too! I really enjoyed this piece, I love how your poems tell stories.

    over 1 year ago