Elisha P



February 7, 2016

PROMPT: All in a Name

Elisha. That is the name I grew up responding to, that is still the name I respond to. I sometimes wonder if we had been given another name would we be different? Would we act the same way, speak the same have the same friends? It's a tricky question. And that got me thinking, how did our parents know that our name was just right for us? Well they didn't they had to trust in God for that. 

I was named after the prophet Elisha from the bible, I was named this way because at the time I was living in a foreign country and we were to move back to my mum's homeland later in life, and my parents needed a versatile name. My name is pronounce Alicia, Alisha, Alysha Depending on how you want to spell it. My name means 'My God is my salvation.' My name is from the Bible and so are my siblings names. 

Elisha's origin is Hebrew and is normally a males name, but in this case it is not. I love my name and do not ever wish to change it. If I had a bullet to the head and had to change it I would change it to Christina which means follower of Christ. I think names are unique and every person in the world should have their name know, not to be know as somebody, or the person over there. You want to be somebody with a name.  

"A good name is more to be desired than great wealth, and to be respected is better than silver and gold"
Proverbs 22:1



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