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Grace Hammond


These words
that are my own
Are my blood and
are my bones.

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February 24, 2015



Through my darkness, her light stretches. She stands alone amongst the ocean of black that floods my mind, the eternal abyss in which I drown. But unlike me, she is not ravaged and tossed by the ceaseless waves, she does not struggle against the current that threatens to consume my soul. She stands; strong and proud, as around her the darkness surges. Her light, although dim to my eyes at a hateful distance, is my sole reminder of a world devoid of this shadowy sea. She is an anchor, her brightness unwavering, to a place where such beauty is imitated. But as I cling desperately to the promise of her light, I begin to understand that she is the single purest entity that I have ever known to exist. Her figure flawlessly luminous is unparalleled by the brightest sun. And as her radiance reflects in my eyes, I become acutely aware of the decreasing distance between us. Or rather, the merciful extension of the luster emitting from her divine form. I behold with awe as the beaming light of a thousand stars engulfs my world, scattering the darkness from view. But I am no longer concerned with the receding darkness as it fades peripherally. My entire existence is centered wholly around her; the vitality of her warmth and the necessity of her presence. Her incandescence, precious and pure. As her light becomes blinding, and my mind is finally cleansed of all shades of black, I relish in the relief her heavenly glow provides. And I realize at last she and the starlight are not separate beings. No, she is the starlight, my salvation and my sanity, the anchor that ties me to the place I once knew. A place where the sunlight pales in comparison to her brilliance. But still, the distance that separates us remains, though the space is occupied by her gleam. I see her, bathed in luminescence, her touch igniting a tireless blaze. The entirety of my heart aches to touch her, to gaze into the depths of those vibrant eyes. But although she shines around me, and although she has saved me from the consuming darkness, I cannot reach her, cannot hold her in my hands. For she is far away from me. As she always was, and always will be. Far away from me in another world.   


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