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The Rose #ManateeContest

By: Blotted


She was alone,
but every night she was kissed
and she drank in all the love until the next day came,
and it kept her from withering
Every night,
the snow came and let its soft flakes brush against
her cheeks,
which already blushed without provacation
She was the only spot of red in the shifting mass
of white and grey
but she liked it that way
She had the entire universe as her companion
And underneath the stars,
she danced without movement,
but it was the most wonderous dance of all,
and she swayed to the song of the mountains
and she danced in her dress of layers,
each more tender than the last
The rose never once lost her velvety crimson coat,
for when the night disapated,
she watched the world with her eyes and thanked it,
so it never felt the need to remove her petals.

The rose sits on her not so lonely mountaintop,
with her flower in the stars and moonlight on her stem,
and sunlight in her bud, and her roots laden with gems.

my love, the rose.

Peer Review

I loved the fact that you had all this wonderful description and then at the end I realized all of that was for a single, lonely rose on a snowy mountaintop.

The line "but every night she was kissed" is this referring to dew?

Reviewer Comments

I think it was beautiful. That's it nothing more or less can be said, but "it was beautiful" :)