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The Unchivalrous Knights: Chapter Fourteen

December 20, 2018


Two other fighters were fighting, so Leonard went to go check on Lancaster, Isaac went to get Katherine more sunflower seeds, and Katherine stayed to keep their seats.

Isaac went to the stand that sold snacks, and saw that they were all out of sunflower seeds. 

“Sorry kid,” The guy at the stand had said, “Their pretty popular.”

Isaac thought he couldn’t go back to Katherine without sunflower seeds, she would be crushed without her favorite snack. Isaac thought of ways to get the snack.

He could find sunflower and collect seeds himself. But that would take to long, and Katherine would get cranky waiting. Plus, he had no idea how to collect seeds from flowers, or if that was even possible for that matter. 

He could find someone with sunflower seeds, and ask for some. But that wouldn’t work either, since he would have to ask multiple people to get an acceptable offering, and then he might be known as some sunflower seed weirdo.

He could steal some. Who was he kidding though? He was about as threading as a group of bunnies, playing in a cabbage patch, or some other bunny thing.

”Hey kid,” The stand guy said, “I was wrong, we do have more sunflower seeds.”

”Oh good,” Isaac said, “Can I have, let’s say, five bags?”

”Wow, you sure like these, huh?” The stand guy said, “That will be nine ducats.”

Isaac payed, and went back to the stands. Seeing Katherine’s eyes light up when he gave her the seeds made the whole ordeal worth it.
The first chapter starring our favorite guy, Isaac!


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1 Comment
  • AbiJoy

    Idk, Issac seems pretty chivalrous to me I like him, but he's definitely a sunflower seed weirdo.

    over 1 year ago