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i write literally everything. no genre can define my writing, NO STYLE CAN DEFINE MY WRITING, no one meaning can define my writing. my writing is everything and nothing, all at once.

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She's the Wanderer, He's the Navigator

May 9, 2019

I'm a Wanderer.
My whole I've touched upon, the unthinkable, wondering why no one else has stopped to feel beauty that was deep within.
I've always stopped, and just followed the wind, letting the world tell me where to go, trusting all I see.
Smelling the roses, touching its petals; listening to to the news buzz, Watching them fly by; tasting the freshness of newly picked fruit, thinking about how it was grown.
I was the wanderer, he was the navigator. I don't need a plan but to know everything happens for a reason, it's all written in the stars. Just like him. Just like us. He was my destiny.

I'm a navigator.
My whole life I've made the decisions, the hardest ones were the ones I've made for others, for I feared I made the wrong choice.
Every problem just needs to be heard, understood, and worked through and then my solution will come, instinctively.
Smelling out the truth, touching the lives of others; listening to the problem, watching every move; tasting the salt from my sweat, thinking I just had to work a little harder.
I was the navigator, she was the wanderer. I always needed a plan, a solution, because nothing it made by the stars, things happen because they're effects. Everything else that happens, just happens. Just like her. Just like us. She was my coincidence.

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  • majestically awkward manatee

    Winners of my mini contest have been announced!

    11 months ago
  • AJ - Izzy

    Wow, it's so beautiful!! The words flow really nicely, and I can totally relate! Ah, it's so good, I love it so much!
    Keep writing free, be a voice! :)

    12 months ago