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"The reason why we can't let go of someone is because deep inside we still have hope..."

- Anonymous

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*Don't Let Go* #fiveendings

December 19, 2018


My voice was hoarse, my exhale quick and ragged. I gasped desperately, trying to catch the oxygen that was quickly eluding escaping from my lungs.


Glancing behind me, I caught a glimpse of my pursuer. He roared with anger, pawing the ground. His golden coat glinted in the light of the moon. He sniffed the ground, searching. Hungering. For me. 


I poured on speed, racing towards the hill. The rain was now pounding the ground, turning the sweet grass into a soggy prison. The wet mud pulled me down, tripping me, snatching the path from under my feet. 

Keep going.

I reached the top of the hill, struggling to catch my breath. Whipping around, I expected to see her right behind me, face red and tears streaming down her face from what I dragged her into.
She's gone. 

No. No. I whirled around, despair creeping into me, panic taking hold of my chest. It stung, red anger washing over my vision. It stung that feeling. The feeling of being a cold-blooded murderer.

"Hey, wait up!"

In an instant, the feeling faded. She was struggling up the hill, covered head to toe in mud. Her hands and knees were cut and bleeding, but she was alive. 

She is alive. 

Without thinking, I wrapped my arms around her. "Woah, what's up with you?" She gasped for breath. I couldn't speak; I couldn't move; she was alive. I didn't kill her. I wasn't a murderer. 

He's back.

A deafening war shook me from the trance. I blindly grabbed her hand and started to run. My knees were weak and sweat soaked my forehead, despite the torrential downpour. A distinct tugging was coming from my arm, but I clutched her hand harder and ran faster. 

Don't stop. 

I could save her. We could make it. The noise grew, yells of despair mixed in with roars of anger. I flushed it all out, a thundering buzz filled my head. My vision was now tinted black, black and blue, the colors of misery and blindness. 

"Izzy, STOP!"

With a crackle, the buzz snapped. She was yelling at me, telling me to stop. Just like that, the spell broke. My vision cleared, a noise erupted all around me, and I felt the cold drizzle of rain down my shoulders. \


I skid to a halt! My feet just rested at the edge of the cliff, but she wasn't so lucky. As I screeched to a halt, she was thrown over my shoulder, right down the cliff. Her scream resonated in my skull, and I lunged, hand outstretched... 


Her hand intertwined with mine, both of us dangling off the edge. My arm shook with strain, her beautiful face now scarred with horror. Another roar shook the valley and a thick, black shadow snaked over us. I could smell the breath of a thousand human meals. He was eager for more, and we were at his mercy.

It's time. 

"I'll miss you", she whispered. I shook my head, unable to accept it. This is not the end, I thought desperately, this is NOT  the end. She looked at me as her legs were dangling from the precipice and said "don't let go", looking into her golden eyes, I knew I never would. 



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  • AJ - Izzy

    Thanks! :)
    Thank you for making the contest, too, it's amazing! :D

    over 1 year ago
  • RNE

    Dang girl! That was amazing! So intense, I loved every second! 'My vision was now tinted black, black and blue, the colors of misery and blindness.'- I stan. Seriously brilliant! Thanks for participating! =D

    over 1 year ago