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The Unchivalrous Knights: Chapter Twelve

December 20, 2018


Lancaster got signed up to fight in the tourney, and while he was getting ready, Leonard, Isaac, and Katherine found a seat in the stands.

”We should be getting to Glendale...” Katherine said.

”What’s the rush?” Leonard said, “It’s not like Cassandra’s expecting us or anything.”

”Plus, it’d be great to see Mr. Lancaster fight!” Isaac said, handing Katherine a bag, “I got snacks!”

”Snacks aren’t going to make me feel better” She said, looking in the bag, “Oh, sunflower seeds!”

Gerard appeared, and sat next to Leonard. 

“Your guy isn’t going to beat Goliath,” He said, ”At least he looks like a good challenge.” 

“We’ll see,” Leonard said, smirking. He’d lean back to be extra smug, but he didn’t want to hits his head on anything. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome, to the twenty seventh Gladiatoral Areana Tourney!” An announcer said, with the audience cheering response, ”This’ll be a good year, and hopefully, the reigning champ, Goliath, will be defeated. Let’s introduce our first fighters!”

A man with armor completely covering his body appeared on the left side of the arena. To the right, Lancaster appeared. 

“On this side,” The announcer said, motioning to man of the left, “Is the man that slices, and incidentally dices, Ser Gundroo!” 

Gundroo bowed, but only a handful of people clapped. No one seemed to know who he was.

“On the other side,” The announcer said, motioning to Lancaster, “We have...”

The announcer looked at Lancaster for a moment. “Who are you?” She asked Lancaster.

“Lancaster McDouglin,” Lancaster said, “Of the Unchivalrous Knights.”

”Wait,” Gerard said, shocked, “What?!” 

“Oh, guess I didn't properly him,” Leonard said, “Yeah, he’s the Greatest Lancer.”

”Ah, I see we have a celebrity in our arena!” The announcer said.

”Wait, he’s famous?” A voice in the crowd said.

”Of course he is!” Another voice said, “He was one of the greatest Crusaders in the organization! Show this crowd the pride of the Crusaders!”

”I will certainly not!” Lancaster said, “Instead, I will show this crowd why Leonard considers me one of the strongest in the world!”

”In any case,” The announcer said, “Let’s begin!”
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1 Comment
  • paperbird

    i'm hooked!!! what's going to happen to lancaster and gundroo? i'm betting lancaster wins, though--he's too good of a character to throw away.

    12 months ago