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i write and experience life. don't you?
"we're all mad here." -the cheshire cat.

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don't be harsh, and enjoy life. we're all just writers that write about how we feel. lowercase letters just happen to be my new aesthetic.

the adventurer and the pessimist; the missing figure

December 19, 2018

He who experiences the world and fills himself with pride.
He who shares the secrets of the seven wonders.
He who hears the whispers the call of sanity and salvation,
He chose the world on the go. 
The adventurer leaves the homeland behind,
He misses what treasure of being human.

He who lives life full of doubt.
He who finds the darkness in every situation.
He who feels the hidden message behind the facade,
He chose to emote the negative.
The pessimist feels what he feels,
He misses the treasure of living on the run.
first piece of published writing. spare my feelings. yes, the lowercase letters are on purpose. "he" is interchangable with her.
what do you think?


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  • Ryder

    I think I more the Adventurer.
    Good job with this piece, God bless :}

    11 months ago
  • lovelylittlewriter

    thank you!

    11 months ago
  • Quille

    Adventurer here :D Well done!

    11 months ago