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Just a little fluffy piece I tried to write. Let me know what you liked.

Ich Libe Dich

February 6, 2016


9: The number of interactions we had when our hands accidentally brushed in the halls as we walked in opposite directions to our own lives, not looking back, but wanting to so desperately.
8: The number of times I watched you kiss another girl and the number of pangs my heart felt each time, longing for you to notice me.
7: The number of arguments that could be heard echoing through the empty halls when you thought no one else was around when I was only around the corner.
6: The number of texts you send asking me to make you laugh to forget about the pain of her leaving you for another guy and the number of times my heart broke for you.
5: The number of days you didn't show up for school, leaving me to wonder what had happened and if you were okay.
4: The number of hand holds, getting the support that only I would give.
3: The number of laughs we shared after watching a movie together.
2: The number of words you spoke when trying to ask me to dance which I gladly said yes.
1: The number of chances you took in kissing me softly.
0: The number of times I rejected your love and the number of times I ever felt lonley or sad again.


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1 Comment
  • Hanan Adi

    I like #5: it really portrays how caring the narrator is for the boy. Her thought dwells on him whether he is there or not; and when he is not there, she wants him to be there. Just a hint on the German: "Ich LIEBE dich." All the best! -- Hanan A.

    about 5 years ago