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I'm not good at writing "happy" stories but I tried to make this one have a "fluffy" beginning. this is just chapter one and what I have so far, more will come soon! (don't know when soon will be)

For Me? part 1

February 6, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

    The whispers were usually easy to block out, but this time was different. Today they were louder than normal, most couldn't even be considered whispers. No one was tripping me today, everyone was being on their best behaviors. The same words kept reaching my ears.
    "Have you seen the new kid?"
    "Yo, there's new meat."
    "I saw him in the office, he looks so badass!"
    "He's so attractive, in that dark forbidden way."
    The last one was from someone in the main group of girls, they thought they ruled the school since they were blessed with good looks. I don't know any of their names, I'll never need to know them. One more year and then I'm out of here, and I'll never have to see any of them again. Not that any of them would remember me if we did run into each other so, why bother?  
    As I turn the corner, I collide with something hard, sending me flying to the floor. I was being rained on by my books and lose papers, that and the echoing laughter that bounced off the cement walls surrounding me. I guess I thought to soon. I'm startled to see hands reach down for me, they lift me up before gently setting me back on my feet.
    I can't get myself to move, the sudden deafening silence of the halls has my ears ringing. A deep voice breaks me out of my little moment.
    "Are you alright? I'm sorry, I didn't see you there." I find myself looking into deep brown eyes. From up close I could see little ridges around the pupil. Then his words sunk in.
    "No one ever does." That didn't even have a chance to filter through my head before it just came out. Both out heads jerk back, mine in shame and his in surprise. My eyes are down cast like usual, but I can feel his eyes talking me in. It makes me feel uncomfortable so I start picking up my books. 
    Once I've picked up the last book I go to look for the scattered papers, when brown eyes holds them out to me. Dang he moves fast, it would have taken me longer to gather them all. His hands jerk forward, making me realize I've just been staring at him.
    "I don't bite, promise. well, not often anyways." He gave me a cheeky side-grin. Slowly I take the papers from him, it's not till he lets go that I realize that I'm shaking like a leaf.
    "Thanks." I mumble before walking around him. He looks like he's going to say something more, when the bell rings and whatever he was going to say is lost.

    The final bell rings and the halls are cramped with people trying to get out as fast as they can; everyone's always in a hurry to leave. Well everyone but me; I wait five minutes before leaving the class room. Most of everyone is outside by then, but the ones that remain are in too much of a hurry to bother with me.
    By the time I get to me locker, the halls are empty. When I close my locker and turn, I'm face to chest with someone. That's twice today, I really need to stop getting ahead of myself. My back hits my locker as I jerk back to look up, only to be met with brown eyes again. 
    "Whoa! Someone's jumpy." A deep chuckle vibrated his chest. Which I was staring at, since I couldn't get myself to look into those eyes anymore. "I didn't catch your name when we ran into each other earlier." He stated, not questioned. I don't know what to say, it's not like he asked for it. But if he did, would I give it? It's not like I know his either.
    I walked around him and headed for the door, I really just want too go to my room and get lost in one of my books. Brown eyes was following close behind me, I'm probably just being paranoid but I swear I can feel his warm breath on the back of my neck with how close he is. I reach out to push open the door the door when he speaks, freezing my movements mid-push.
    "Colson." It was just one word. A name. Most likely his name. I don't remember turning to look at him. When the door closes from the little I managed to open it, the slam brings me back to the real world. I look at him now, really look at him.
    His dark hair matches his eyes, he's tall, way taller than me at least. He's slim but not scrawny, his black leather jacket gives a 'bad boy' vibe. His jeans and simple green t-shirt fit him well, and the black combat boots on his feet look threatening on him. Colson, it fits him somehow. 
    His eyes are shinning more than usual, and his smirk tells me he knows I was just 'checking him out'. I open my mouth to tell hi, my name, but I realize he still didn't ask. so with a small nod as a good bye, I'm out the door and down the sidewalk. I don't look back, but on the walk home I can't seem to get over the fact that for the first time since I can remember, I wanted to tell someone my name. Wanted someone to ask, someone to know.

    The blaring of my alarm this morning was not welcomed, not that it ever is or ever will be. I'm about to close my locker after getting my books for my morning classes, when I turn I'm face to chest with a dark blue shirted boy. Again I find myself falling back into my locker looking up to be met with brown eyes and a toothy grin.
    "Morning sunshine." He breathed. I think I've lost the feeling in my knees. When I hear that deep chuckle I notice I'm now sitting on the ground. One of my books falls out of my hands and falls to the round with a loud smack. Colson crouches down and picks up both the book and a flustered me off the floor. The boys charming, that's for sure.
    "You alright there sweetheart?" His tone was gentle, it was clear he didn't mean to offend. Too bad he did.
       "I'm no one's sweetheart. There's nothing sweet about me." I grit out, it comes out meaner than I mean it to but I don't have time to really think about it since the bell rings right then. Walking around him I can see there's something different in his brown eyes, something I can't put my finger on.
    School was uneventful as normal, still no one hurt me though. I don't know whether to feel thankful or be on high alert. Colson wasn't at my locker after school, I'm not sure if I'm relived or scared by that fact either. When I get home from school I'm immediately pushed down to the hard wood floor. Minerva, my wolf mix. She's always able to make me smile, no matter how bad my day was.
    "Hey girly, Mom has to work late tonight. so looks like I'll be taking you on your walk today, how do you feel about the park around the corner?" If her loud excessive barking was anything to go by, I'd say that she was happy with the idea. After having the make the hard decision of what book to bring, I finally decided on one of my favorites, Ten. I grabbed Minerva's leash before leaving in case the park police came by. Not that I would put it on her but just so she doesn't get impounded. The park police took their jobs way to seriously, for Halloween they should all dress as a bunch of jokers.
    The walk to the park was short, Minerva never left my side like I knew she would. When I was younger and Mom let me take her for a walk by myself for the first time, I ran into some kids from school. They pushed me into the drinking fountain, as soon as I got my bearings they proceeded to shove me down onto the pavement. Minerva was very protective of me and when they came closer to my hunched and bleeding form she crouched over me in an attack position. To this day, no one from school ever bothers me as long as she's with me, and she makes sure that when we're walking that she's touching me in some way. 
    "Nice to see you outside of school." A guys voice sounded above me as I pulled my head out of my book to look up at the culprit. In an instant Minerva was in front of me hunched over in attack mode. Colson was even taller when I was sitting down on the ground. I was sitting crossed legged on the grassy hill that overlooked the playground, my favorite part of the park.
    "Whoa, easy bud." He reached his hand out slowly toward her and petted her head. to my surprise, she actually let him. "Does he have a name?" He locked his brown eyes onto my crystal blue ones.
    "She." I can't stop myself from correcting.
    "My apologies, does she have a name?" If the small twitch in the corner of his mouth is anything to go by, he's amused.
    "Yes." He doesn't stop his smirk from showing, What's so funny about what we're talking about?
    "Can I know her name?"
    "You can." There was an uncomfortable silence after that, it's not like he can't know her name. He never asked what her name was. My gaze had long since returned to the book in my lap, though I couldn't focus on reading with him so close. Really with him anywhere near me, what was I supposed to do? What do normal people who talk to people all the time do? Am I supposed to say something?  A heavy sigh pushed my train of thoughts off the tracks, as Colson plops down in front of me mirroring my position.
    "What is her name?" He seemed to be trying to figure out how to talk to me, much like I was him, which is weird since he seemed like he would be good at this sort of thing.
    "Minerva." At her name she picked her head up, that had been in his lap as he scratched her ears, and flopped backward into my lap. Her tongue was sticking out while she panted wetting the knee of my jeans. With my attention now fully on Minerva, I couldn't help the small smile that formed on my face. 
    "you're pretty when you smile." The statement made my head jerk upward. My startled eyes met with brown ones that had that weird look in them again, the look that I couldn't pin point what to call it. My cheeks hurt, as heat scorched them and went all the way down my neck. I could feel the tickle of heat in the tips of my ears.
    No one has ever called me, pretty before. How does one respond to that? I read in one of my books  once where the girl thanked the person. I couldn't get my mouth to move, or really any of me to move for that matter. While I sat frozen, I could feel Colson looking at me. It was different from when he would look at me before, it was like I could physically feel his eyes on my skin.
    "Adorable." I thought I heard him mumble, but that couldn't be right. Just as I thought I heard him mumble that...that word. A scream came from the playground. The wind just had to pick up as I turned my face in the direction of the scream, causing my long hair to get wrapped around my face.   
This is only chapter one so far.


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