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By: Christy Wisdom


Hey, brother
Just so you know
I'd miss you
If you ever go

What's up, brother?
You going on an adventure?
I'll go with you, be the backup
I'll help you find the buried treasure

If I didn't have you 
I'd lose part of me
If you weren't my sibling,
Where would I be?

Our personalities oppose
But opposites attract
We're best friends forever,
It's just a fact

Hello, brother
We might go our separate ways
Yet we know each other,
We won't let college keep us away

Dear brother,
I just want you to know 
I'd miss you
If you ever go

And at the end of times
If you've gone ahead of me
I'll see you in heaven, brother
Then together forever we'll be

Message to Readers

This one's not fiction. My brother's been by my side ever since I can remember. There's a song similar to this called "Hey Brother" by Avicii. This poem is dedicated to my epic older bro.

Peer Review

Well, for one thing, I recently posted a poem titled 'My Sister', so of course this drew my attention. I loved this because I have five brothers, and as I grow up, each year, I love them more than the last. =)

Well, you could always write a story (or a string of stories) about adventures with your brother. But of course, that's entirely up to you. Sibling monologues, though, are some of the funniest. ;) You have a great poem here, and I love how it kinda compliments my 'sister' poem. Siblings are just awesome. =)

Reviewer Comments

Beautiful job! You could always use stronger verbs/adjectives to make this slightly more descriptive, but it's great as-is!
God bless!