i thrive for cheesy love poems with terrible rhyming schemes, sunflowers and sleepy saturday afternoons

like and love

December 18, 2018


there’s this girl
with long hair of auburn 
she plays every instrument 
her voice deep, so alluring

she’s not like you
so incredibly different 
but there’s something about her
and i wish i could pick it

maybe it’s her scent
how her hugs feel like cocoa
the way our voices fit together 
or how she taught me to tango 

maybe it’s just nothing
these feelings come and go
or maybe it is something
she makes my heart stumble

she’s spontaneous but sweet
she loves a good adventure 
she says i’m cute and funny
she’s all i’ve ever dreamed 

i’m not sure what i’m feeling
maybe it’s just a fling
maybe i’m sick of waiting
and just want someone for me

i’m sorry that i like her
i still love you the most
but will this ever happen?
or should i start to move on

impatience is my biggest flaw 
and i know i said i’d wait
but i want someone to kiss me
without some big debate

it hurts for me the most 
to think i’d let you go
i wish you’d chase behind
i wish you’d kiss me slow

but i know that won’t happen
it’s hard for you too
but please tell me if you want me
because i’ll always love you


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