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We are all just clueless whispers of the same careless wonder, on the cusp of discovering greatness

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hey guys, I'm kind of new to actually asking people for feedback and publishing stuff in general for anyone to see, so any feedback will help immensely

Tainted With Darkness

February 6, 2016


I am trapped in my head, deafened by the cries and wails of the eerie silence.
Haunted by the shadows of my past.
Victim to the ghosts within.

Seized by the demons of hell.
Netted in lies of hope.
Captivated with the unimaginable.

I am supressed in the chaos of my twisted mind.
With nowhere to run... Nowhere to hide.
Overthrow by the voices embedded in my mind.

Drawn to the metallic taste of death.
Tainted with darkness.
Adopted by the unforgiving.


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  • Grace Mary Potts

    No words can properly express my love for this!

    about 4 years ago