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Morgan Koekemoer


We are all just clueless whispers of the same careless wonder.

Natural Fallout

February 6, 2016


0 is the silent cries of the abandoned... The wandering souls of the night.
1 is the voices trapped in our heads... The inescapable screams, an eerie torture...
2 are the ghosts of our pasts, haunting us with their cold presence... The way they run through our minds, staining our thoughts with a back and crimson fate.
3 is the inevitable destiny different to all but still the same...
4 is the rising danger we are becoming to each other.
5 are the gentle hums of the same old tune.
6 is the unforgiving colour that disgraces the rich golden sands.
7 are the unsuccessful tries at peace.
8 is the troubles and sadness handed back to the families.
9 is the colours to which we stand proud as they fly above us... It's what separates us from each other... divides us and makes us all different.


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