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December 18, 2018


Hi, this is another cool Q and A by Paperbird, so here goes! 
This is only my second one, by the way, so... did I do it right? :D


What's the story behind your profile picture? 
My profile pic changes from time to time, but I like showing beauties of nature that are sometimes not appreciated for their full value, like stars or butterflies. I also love the fantasy of it all <3

When you start a "free writing" piece, do you like the font better when it's the editing font or the published font? 
Hmm, I like them both! I don't really mind what font I use, as long as the story gets out there!

What movie scarred you for life as a child?  does it still freak you out? 
Two movies that creeped me out badly, Gremlins and Fantastic Four. I watched them both when I was about 8 years old, and at the time it was super freaky! Now when I watch those movies, I can't help but laugh! That nervous type of laughter, you know, the one that makes you wonder whether it's actually funny... or not... 

Look up "horoscope personalities."  which one fits you? 
I'd say Gemini, which is my actual horoscope! I'd LIKE to be Aries, I don't know why, but if I'm honest, I would say I'm more Gemini. I also have a sister who looks a lot like me (NOT twins) so... haha, yeah.

Do you consider yourself to a good writer? (be honest) 
I consider myself to be able to write, but I am not perfect. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a perfect writer (Though there are AMAZING ones!) because writing is like art. Crazy, wild, messy art. Every single one is different, and unique, and special in their own way! :)

So, as mentioned earlier, the q&a trend was all the rage in September/October.  do you know who started it? 
Nope. I'm being super honest here, I have no idea at all. I wanna find out now though 

What's one popular franchise you think is downright bad? 
Popular franchise? Regarding food (no offense) Taco Bell. I'm fully Mexican, and taco bell tacos are not so... :)

What do you think happens when you die? 
I don't have a set image of "heaven" or "hell" to be honest, but I do believe that the souls of those that lead fruitful lives for the good of others will be rewarded

Describe your ideal life (job, marriage, kids, death, etc) 
I do NOT want a desk life, even though I love writing. There are many ideal jobs that I have considered, and none of them are easy. Some including being a pilot, and aeronautical engineer, an astronaut, in the air force... yeah, I have big dreams :)
I don't really know about marriage or kids or death, I'll just let life sweep me away 

What is one food you're very territorial of?  in other words, if you found it in your fridge, you wouldn't let anyone else eat it. 
I'm gonna say chips. Any type, any brand, their mine :D

Should pineapple be on pizza? 
No. Period. :) It's not bad, but... no. 

Abortion: yes or no?  explain.  (if you don't like politics you can skip this question) 
This is a hard one, and I won't give the hour-long lecture, but I think that everyone has a choice. Some choices will come back to haunt you in the future. Just... you don't want to regret your past. Be careful. Think it through. It's never too late

What aspect of the traditional science fiction future scares you most?  (e.g., robots, global warming, aliens, etc.) 
Technology, which is ironic. Aliens fascinate me, actually, or more like microscopic organisms in space. But the things that technology could evolve into and what it can do to us in the future... now that's scary. 

Why do you think people find pleasure in answering questions about themselves online?
Haha, I like this one. I don't like to share my entire life story with people, I don't think anyone would be fully comfortable with that either. But it is nice to be in an environment where you can find people with the same interests as you, you can feel the same excitement they feel. That's why I'm writing this :)
Okay, did I do okay? I feel like this is a test, which is crazy, but so am I :D
Thanks, and peace out!


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  • paperbird

    i think it was foxmillionaire that started the trend, but i'm not one hundred percent sure.
    i actually read a thing recently and apparently it's incredibly unlikely that there's other intelligent life, like, anywhere close to where earth is. earth practically developed intelligent life through a miracle, and consequently it's all really rare.

    11 months ago
  • janice

    You definitely did it right!!! And yep, chips I would totally be territorial over, too :)

    11 months ago