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The Crested Dagger Ch1

December 18, 2018


The Crested Dagger
Her guilt spilt on the palace floor. For twelve years she had committed the crime of counterfeiting as the princess. In reality, she was a very poor girl with a longing to be with her own family. She knew though, that her pretending to be a princess would help her family more than ever. But being accused of treason, would not.
Fourteen year old Grace Sky is a girl belonging to a very, poor family, for two years. Every day on her birthday, she must pretend it was not. Her family had taken and murdered the royal princess and replaced her with Grace, whose name was now Emerson. The king and queen had no idea their so called ‘daughter’ was Grace. Until the sky turned a violent shade of red-orange. It was sunset of her fifteenth birthday.
On Grace's fifteenth birthday, she had to prove her blood was pure royal. The king and queen did not know she belonged to another family, this was just the law.
Now fifteen year old Grace had to prove to the royals, that she was one of their type. Of course, people regarded the royals as a completely different race, and Grace had to prove she was not human, she was a royal.
In similarity to Emerson, Grace had the same golden eyes ( a rare trait for a poor girl) and the same river of golden hair flowing down her skinny back. Everyday Grace must dress as Emerson would have. A cloudy blue dress with sea green jewels on the feet of her dress. For special occasions, she would have worn a dress that would have matched her crown colored eyes and rumplestiltskin made hair. This day, was miraculously special, so it was that golden waterfall draped down her body that she wore, the golden dress.
Grace had to cut herself in the arm with a magical dagger which could sense the type of blood you have. And as many times as she pleaded against this, the royals always gave her the same reply. “It’s the law sweetheart! The sting will only be for a little bit” but Grace wasn’t worried about the pain she would feel on her arm, she was worried about the horror she would feel in her soul.
What would the royals do if they found out her parents had murdered their kid and replaced it with her? Grace’s heart was beating faster than light. She swallowed her guilt, hoping it wouldn’t spill out. But as you read the first line, you knew that wouldn’t happen. It was the time for Grace Sky to show the royals who she really was.
“Emerson!” Grace’s father's voice echoed down the corridors and into her chamber. She felt sick. Hoping the law would not consume her blood. Hoping this was just a nightmare, everything would go away in the morn of tomorrow. But it wasn’t, tomorrow she could picture herself locked up in prison, going to be flayed alive the next second. Never to see her family again, never to see anyone again. She was only going to see the light of a new life, one that she did not want.
“I’m coming father!” Grace replied in a noble voice. Of course, the king and queen also have to watch where they step. If Grace somehow was a royal, both the royals would be hanged. There was no way this could have been possible however, because Grace was not a royal.
As the young maiden swept down the elegant, spiraling staircase, a thought of worry stepped into her mind, as if there was no border from bad thoughts.
Would the royals kill her parents if they found out? What if they got torchured! Would she survive? Well the answer to that is obvious. No.
The moment she stepped into the dining hall, her guilt spilt on the palace floor. What would she explain to the royals? How would she tell them? Would she just say there was something wrong with the dagger? When would she be killed? Would she get the chance to run away. These thoughts clouded her vision, and soon all she could see was the shine of her soon-to-be nemesis.
Grace found herself laying in a white, small, bed. The strong smell  of antiseptic ran up her nose. She was in the infirmary. Right at that second, she started to feel lightheaded. The foggy voice of the physician rang in her head, causing it to pound. Grace replied in a small voice, even though she couldn’t hear what the physician was saying, she decided answering was better than not answering.
“Fine” Grace’s vision enhanced, and she could find Aedwinn, the physician's son, staring down at her, she felt her cheeks get hot.
Adewinn was 14 years of age, but his birthday was in two months, so the two were very close in age. Adewinn had curly dirty blond hair, like his father, and his blue eyes seemed to glow like the stars. He looked young but strong, and his smile was ever going. Grace was deeply in love with Adewinn.
“A-ade-” “woah, stop, just sit” Grace looked into Adewinns eyes, one of the main reasons she loved him was because he was so calm.  Adewinn had an enchanting glow that seemed to always follow him.
“Emerson,” said the physician, Grace almost forgot her name was Emerson, but quickly set her mind back to it and replied. “Y-yes?” “how do you feel” “um,” Grace quickly looked at Adewinn as an ‘okay’ to reply, and he silently nodded his head. “Okay” Grace said, unsteadily. “What-what happened?” The physician looked at his son to answer Grace’s wonder. Adewinn seemed hesitant, as if it was going to be hard to explain what happened. “You fainted when you set foot in the throne room, and, your father called my father.” Adewinn turned his head to his grey haired resident, then looked back at Grace. “And he sent me down to go get you.” Grace nodded her head to show she understood what her love was saying, but in truth she didn’t. “How long was I, you know-” Adewinn tilted his head, and Grace mentally scolded herself. “I meant, like, that.” Adewinn didn’t seem to understand her any better, but he then answered. “How long were you unconscious? Two hours.” Grace nearly fainted a second time.
She was supposed to be tested at sunset, not sun down. Her heart raced, her pulse quickened, she breathed deeper and heavier. With every breath out, came worry within. She looked out of the old finger printed, circular window, and sure enough, the first quarter moon shown brightly. The shadowed land stung her, and she suddenly felt relieved. She didn’t have to fear the dagger which was going to be bolted in her skin. For the day had passed, and her fifteenth birthday was over.
She was about to ask Adewinn more and more questions when there came a knock on the raggedy chamber door. The royals were at the other end, they still wanted her blood.
“Sweetie, we’ve been over this before, it will only hurt a little, but it’s the law. Don’t you know Drake?” Grace didn’t want to hear that name, and wondered when she would hear the end of it.  
As she went back into the throne room, where the dagger was placed, she began to worry more and more. She walked in a straight line to the stand where the dagger laid. Waiting to be used, waiting to sell out fakes and tractors. This would be the end, she knew it.
Her hands trembled as she reached out and she drew a shaky breath. Then, with just her luck, came the physician and his son. Ready for when she fainted.
Adewinn stood, cautiously waiting for Grace to fall, and as Grace drew back the dagger to her left forearm, he flinched.
This is the end Grace convinced herself as the magical dagger was now centimeters away from her. She looked at the royals, remembering all they had done for her, she looked at the knights, for always protecting her, and just as she hated to look at him, her eyes scanned over to Adewinn, her love. The dagger split her arm, and with an ear piercing scream, Grace fell to the floor.
I know this seems stupid but oh well, hate if you want to hate I wrote this when I was nine and didn't change it whatsoever


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