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Sarah Grimson


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Please give helpful feed back but no rude feedback please, thank you. this is my first piece of writing by the way.

Stairs of life

February 14, 2015

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The stairs of life go up, no one can go down. Only in one direction can a person walk up these stairs. Towards the heavens in the sky.

But busy at the bottom of the stairs are the angels, already have they climbed the stairs. They organise and help those who fall, trip or stumble.

No one can go down these stairs, the rails support them, grip on tight. Nothing is inevitable, breaks are scarce.

No one likes the stairs all the time, they become steep ad hurt many people's legs.

They become never endng in some people's eyes.

But these stairs shall end, they do end, they end when we end. 

Then we shall join the heavens and become the helping angels.

These are the stairs of life.


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