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I'm open to feedback on this, but here's the final draft! Hope you like it!


February 14, 2016

“Hi! How’s it going?”

“Aww, sorry to hear that… at least it’s pizza today for lunch, huh?”

“Hey, do you want to come eat with us?”

“Oh, it’s no problem- just come sit over here!”

“So, what’s your name?”

“That’s a nice name- I’m Amy.”

“... haha, no. My full name is Amicus. My parents were Latin teachers. It was either Amicus or Augustus and my mom didn’t want to name me after an emperor. Everyone just calls me Amy.”

“It’s nice to meet you too.”

“Hi there stranger! Mind if I join you?”

“It’s a nice day outside isn’t it?”

“Yeah… blue skies, warm sun, wind in the leaves… it’s nice.”


“Why am I talking to you? I like you. You’re good company, haha.”

“Sometimes we all just need someone to talk to.”

"You're one of the only genuinely nice people I know at the moment." 

"You know what they say, 'Kids can be cruel'. Isn't that the truth?"

"I'm fine, really. I'll get over it." 

"It was nice seeing you again. I’d better get going though.”

“See you around!”

“Oh hello! Didn’t see you there.”

“Mmm, it’s going alright, I guess. And you?”

“Glad to hear it!”

“Nah, don’t worry about me. I’m just feeling a bit off today.”

“That’s nice of you, but I’m fine.”

“What am I doing? Just a little reading.”

“It’s Cicero. My parents gave me a copy of this in Latin with English translations, but I’m trying to translate it on my own.”

“Yes, I am a nerd what’s your point?”

“Ha, I’m just joking.”

“It helps me work out my frustration. I can take it out by writing angrily in Latin rather than shouting at someone.”

“It's nothing. I just... I could really use someone to talk to right now.” 

"I don't want to bother you. It's really just nothing." 

"This past month has been... difficult for me. The people here aren't helping much- they're too wrapped up in their own cliques to worry about us outsiders."

"It's not even what they say, just... feeling like you aren't really included, that you're excluded... it hurts."

"It's getting better, though. I'm making new friends. Things'll work out."


“What’cha lookin at?”

“Oh, cool! You think you want to try out for that?”

“Nonsense- you should totally do it!”

“Don’t give me any of that trash, I bet you’d be great.”

“Hey, you’ll never know until you try! Just give it a shot. I bet you’d actually really like it.”

“Oh my gosh! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I knew you could do it- I told you! Haha! Omygosh I’m just so happy for you! Ah!”

“Hush! I’m not overreacting. I’m proud of you!”

"How's it going?"

"That's great! Sound's like you've been busy, huh?"

"I'm glad you're enjoying it so much, haha. You seemed like a person who'd really love it."

"I'm going out to see a movie with a few friends later, want to come with?"

"Awesome. See you then!" 

“Yo! Over here! How’ve you...”

“Hey, are you okay?”

“No, you aren’t fine. Come sit down.”

“Tell me what happened.”

“That little… when I get my hands on-”

“Okay fine. I won’t go punch them in the face… I’d like to though.”

“Just breathe, okay? Calm down.”

“No. No. You listen to me- whatever they said about you is crap. You are a wonderful, smart, beautiful human being. Take it from me; they don’t know a thing.”

“They just say those things to be mean- They're jealous. They want to hurt you.”

“Oh, come here.”

Amy hugs you.

“It’ll be okay.”

“Hey, do you want to come over later to work on that math homework? I’m pretty much lost.”

“Okay, great! See you then, friend!”

“Hm? What is it?”


“Of course I’m your friend, dummy. What else would I be?”

“Come on, let’s go.”
Yes, I called this story "Dialogue" for a reason. :P
It is only ever one person talking and you, the reader, is who they are talking to.
For those of you who know Latin, I hope you get the joke!


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