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Friends Forever

February 16, 2016

Robyn and Brooke were best friends. They grow up together and they were really close to each other. One day, after school Brooke and Robyn decided to go swimming in a local creek. The creek had rose, because of a huge thunderstorm that passed though, so they decide it wasn’t the best time to go swimming, upset they turned around and decided to go home. But, since it was really muddy around the creek due to the storm, Robyn slipped and fell into the creek and was swept away by the current. Brooke ran along the creek until she couldn’t see Robyn anymore.
Brooke ran to the closes house to get help for her friend. The man opens the door and he calls the fire department and the cops. But is to late? 
The fire department walked 3 miles along the creek when they found Robyn’s body. Robyn was just lying there, and she didn’t move. She was a good swimmer; she was even on the swim team; how could she have drowned, Brooke thought. A car came to a stop not far from the road, and Brooke’s father gets out, Brooke’s mother passed away a few years ago from cancer. He runs up to her and puts his arms around her. Brooke sobs in her father’s arms.
The fireman came up to Brooke and her father and he told them, that the current was just to strong for her and she didn’t make it. Brooke started sobbing harder.
Later in the evening, Brooke just laid in her bed holding on to the picture they took together in fifth grade; she has now stopped crying. She felt like it was all her fault, what happened to Robyn. She had known that it just stormed, and it would be muddy. She missed her so much, she almost thought she heard her talking, but it sounded so real. It sounded just like she was standing in the doorway.
Brooke, sits up and looks toward the door, it was Robyn. Brooke couldn’t believe her eyes. I have to be dreaming; she can’t be here, Brooke thought. But real as day, she was standing there in her doorway. Robyn was just smiling at her. How is she not upset with me, Brooke thought. Robyn walked toward Brooke’s bed and held out her hand. Her hand and body was colorless; Brooke didn’t know how to respond, so she took Robyn’s hand and followed her. Neither of them talked for a long time.
Robyn told Brooke that she was not mad at her and it was not her fault. She also told Brooke that she still wanted to be friends and play hide and seek like they always did. Even though now Robyn always wins.
Brooke and Robyn never stopped being friends. Their friendship got even stronger after the misfortunate mistake that happened to Robyn. But they never stop being friends, even when Brooke grew older and eventually Brooke joined Robyn after she passed away.


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