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The Roadside Rocks

February 16, 2016

Two rocks, two completely different stories; one red with black spots, the other white with gray speckles. How did they meet? Where did they come from? 

    The perfect relationship between two rocks who rub against each other as each car drives by, they could be separated by anything but a spirit from up above has kept them here for years together and have started to take the color of the other rock. Birds and critters walk along these rocks searching for food but still can't be separated. 

    This is not the white rock with gray speckles first friend ever though, it was picked up by a 12 year old boy on his vacation in Florida on the beaches of Miami. The boy found this rock and thought it was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen but his mother would not approve of the rock so he tried to hide it from her. It wasn't until the trip back that he was playing with the rock in the backseat of the Chevrolet Suburban that the mother saw it. She was outraged by this and yelled at her son for keeping the rock from the beach and demanded that he throw it out. They were on mile 49 of Interstate 35 by exit 75A when the boy released the rock and it landed right by the off ramp and laid there motionless. 

    The red rock with black spots has always been alone sitting in the middle of the road on a Chicago highway until one day a red Ford Edge veered to the middle of the road because of a deer scare and picked up this lonely rock. The driver of the car was headed for Alabama, he made it to Alabama the rock still in his tread. But, on his trip back to Chicago he was on Interstate 35 and was almost to exit 75A where he was going to exit off to get gas. The driver was not paying attention and hit a bird laying dead on the road; knocking the lonely red rock loose where it rolled right by the off ramp. 

    Finally, the two rocks were together, rubbing together and taking the color of each other for 5 years. It wasn't until a geologist from the University of Princeton was plagued with a flat tire by exit 75A that he dropped to a knee and found these two rocks laying next to each other and realized that they were two of the rarest rocks known to man. He took these two rocks and stashed them together in his car. He met the love of his life the next year but could not afford one of the expensive rings that all the jewelry store offered. So the geologist melted down both of the rocks by the process of smelting and what it created was absolutely beautiful so he made it the centerpiece of his ring for his love. 

    Was it luck or was it fate that these two rocks met by exit 75A and were melted into a bond of forever? Some may say it was luck but some may say that the bond of friendship was what brought these two rare rocks together right off the concrete slab of that off ramp.



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