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Friends No Matter What

February 16, 2016

“Everything starts out good, but it doesn’t always end well.”
I was in a dead sleep when all of a sudden I heard a loud obnoxious dinging. It was my alarm clock telling me to get up for school. My name is Jordan Tillman and I am 17 years old. I live in Denver Colorado and I am a junior at East High. I am an only child. My father is a doctor and my mother is a lawyer. Out of the blue I just hear a yell “Jordan its time to get up for school!” It was my mother. I hadn’t even moved since my alarm went off. While laying in bed I heard the text ding of my phone go off, “Hey J, guess what? Its Friday!” it was my best friend Ellie. I replied with“Yay! Do you want to do something tonight?”
Ellie and I have been friends since we were in the fifth grade. We met at recess while sitting by each other on the swings. We instantly became best friends after recess that day. She moved to Denver from Florida. Now we are juniors in high school with about two months of school left and we are both so excited. Next year we would be seniors. Ever since freshman year we have been talking about how we want to go to the same college and share a dorm room together, being best friends we both agreed.
I still hadn’t moved from my bed yet when I heard " Jordan your going to be late if you don’t get going!” This time it was my father yelling up at me. I decided to finally get out of bed and started getting ready. I picked out my clothes and got dressed, then after that I went into my bathroom and brushed my hair and my teeth. I have long blonde hair and green eyes. After I was done in the bathroom I headed downstairs to get breakfast.
As I get to the kitchen my mom says, “Well its about time you got down here” with a smile on her face. “Jordan would you like some coffee?” asked my mother. I said “No thanks.” I don’t really like to drink coffee during the week, but I love to drink it on the weekends. Just when I was about done with breakfast my phone went on again and it was a text from Ellie saying “Hey I’m on my way!” I replied with “Kk.” Ellie always picks me up in the mornings for school since my house is on the way.
When I hear the honk of Ellie's car horn I tell my mother and father goodbye and head out the door. When I get outside to the car door I greet Ellie with “Hey how are you this morning?” She says in return “I’m great, how about you?” I said, “I’m good.” As we are driving to school we listen to the radio and just talk about what we’d like to do this weekend. I said “How about a movie?” Ellie replied, “That sounds great!”
As we pulled up to school we parked in our usual parking spot. Just like every high school, you have your groups such as the jocks, the cheerleaders, the nerds, and the bullies. After lunch the periods just seem to go by quicker, it was already 8th period. I was so excited for the movie with Ellie. When the bell rang Ellie and walked to our lockers together. When we got our stuff we headed out to Ellie’s car and headed home. We stopped at Ellie’s house then headed to the movie theater.
On the way to the movie theater there was a whole lot of traffic. Just as we were crossing the intersection, out of nowhere came a semi. It had t-boned Ellie’s car from the drivers side. All I could hear where the sirens. I looked over and saw Ellie unconscious. I started to panic; I didn’t know what to do. I suddenly felt someone grabbing me and putting me on a stretcher, then into an ambulance.
When I got to the hospital I could feel that I was being rolled down the hallway. They took me into the ICU; they told me my parents were already there. I could hear crying and it wasn’t my parents, it was Ellie’s. After a couple hours my parents were able to come in and see me.
As my parents came in all I saw was sadness on their faces, something was wrong. As my mother came up to my I asked if Ellie was all right; it was silent for a few seconds. Then my mother finally said, “Ellie didn’t make it.” I suddenly burst out in tears, my best friend was gone. She was my only true friend.
The doctor came in a bit later and told us what my injuries were. I had a fractured neck and four bruised ribs. The doctor said that I could go home in about two days. My parents never left my side. Two days had passed and it was time for me to go home. The drive home felt like it took ages to get there.
Today was Ellie’s funeral and wasn’t sure if I could handle it. Mt best friend in the whole wide had died. My mother came into the living room to help me out to the car. As we got to the funeral I saw Ellie’s casket and lost it. Things were never going tot be the same without Ellie.
Ellie’s service was so nice; her parents had done a great job setting it up. I didn’t know how I was going to face school without her. I know it’s going to be hard. I’m going to miss Ellie so much, but I know that she’s in a better place, pain free. Ellie will always be my best friend.


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