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Satisfaction from Unsatisfied Puzzle Pieces

By: Julius Caesar

I have so much left to do, so many places to go, so much life yet to live. I walk along a street filled with strangers and I see them with pieces of the puzzles that I need to complete me. Pieces of the things that they've done, places that they've been to, life that they've lived. I want to take those pieces and fill up my puzzle- make myself complete. I am unsatisfied as a partially filled puzzle. The desire to make myself whole is persistent. And so as I walk, among these strangers around me, I want to take, and take, and take their pieces, filling myself in bit by bit until I am finished. 

Yet, I then realize that they want the same. That I have pieces that they want. Pieces depicting, the things they want to do, the places that they want to go, the life they would like to live. And as I consider this, and the pieces of the puzzle that I have, I think to myself, We all want to be complete. It's all we've ever desired. But... I glance at the world around me, When have we ever looked at the world as a whole? When have we noticed that we are all a part of the same thing, filling in the puzzle that is the society we've built? And so I continue walking, satisfied about our puzzle pieces filling in the bigger picture- the one that unites us as a whole. 

Message to Readers

I feel like we all often miss the idea of unity when we get caught up in our own desires. Sometimes we need to take a step back and look at the world as a whole. Observe it, admire it, and see where we fit in among the society that we've built. We're not that different. Sometimes we need to put our opinions and beliefs aside and join together over the fact that we are all human. Also, this one is kinda meant to be read aloud. Could y'all help me out and give me some feedback on how it sounds out loud? Merci beaucoup!

~Julius Caesar

Peer Review

They're closely connected and seem to be from the perspective of the same person, but I think that this could be even more powerful if they were from distinct perspectives.

The prose style slows down the reading experience and solidifies it, which gives it a charming certainty.

Reviewer Comments

I like this a lot! It sounds good to me out loud, but how it sounds out loud depends heavily on the person reading it, not just the writing. It's a thoughtful piece and a reminder of our shared humanity.