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Chapter Two: The Mayor

December 17, 2018


Aria didn't know what to do. She hadn't had Stillwater all that long, maybe three months, she didn't have a clue of where to look.
" Here, how about I go look at the dog park and you take the woods," Aria's mom suggested, but barely after she'd finished speaking she dissapeared. Great, now I have to look all by myself.
      She didn't think about what would happen if she had to work, you quickly learn in the Mirror Realm that if you hope something won't happen it most likely will. Let's call it part of it's charm and why it's such a popular tourist destination, not.
Since Aria didn't have a better plan then her mother's she started on her way to the forest.

" Stillwater! Where are you boy?" Aria ran down the sidewalk looking left and right for his little furry body. Slowing down in front of the trail that went into the woods Aria sighed, she had a bit of a...cautious attitude toward wilderness. 
    Aria let out a breath and walked into the leafy landscape. " Stillwater? Are you there," Aria whispered into the darkness, even in midday. She wandered around on the trail for awhile, hearing nothing but the tweeting of birds. Then, about fifty feet ahead of her, she heard the unmistakable sound of Stillwater's growl. What could he be growling at? Running forward Aria caught sight if his fur. " Stillwater! Come here, boy." Stillwater didn't move. When Aria reached him she noticed that Stillwater didn't seem to be growling at anything, he stood in front of two large tree trunks. There wasn't anything between or behind them. " Come here, Stillwater," Aria tried to sound commanding, but failed.  Suddenly, out of nowhere a man appeared from between the trunks of the trees.
" Woah, hey there pup, what are you growling at, hmm," the man chuckled. 
" Oh! I'm so sorry sir, I don't know what his problem is. He just won't stop," Aria ran forward to pick Stillwater up and to get him to quiet down. 
" It's quite alright," the man replied," Not everyone has a warm heart towards the mayor." Aria gasped and her jaw dropped.
" Y-You're the.. Mayor!" 
The man, no, mayor nodded and stepped toward her, " Yes, I am and you are Aria Wilson." This time it was Aria's turn to nod.
" How do you know that?" 
" I am the mayor." 
Aria laughed nervously," Yes, of course."
" Now, Aria," the mayor turned serious," I've been looking for someone something for me. You are the perfect canidate. What do you say?"
Aria gave him a perplexed look," What kind of something?" The mayor sighed and closed his eyes. For a moment Aria thought he wasn't going to tell her, but he opened his eyes and murmured something. Aria leaned forward," What was that?"  The mayor looked at her.
" I want you to go aeound the realm and check all of the Mirror Gates for me," he wrung his hands," They seem to be weakening but it may just be that they need a screw tightened, metaphorically speaking."
" Is that what what you were doing here? ' Tightening ' the screws, is one of the gates here?" The mayor frowned, then cried," Oh, yes! I almost forgot what I was here for, getting old you know." As if to emphasize this he scratched his wispy, white hair. " Well, I'm sure you must be off now, to tell your mother and such. If you agree to do this job just come to my office in the city." He walked away. Aria set Stillwater down, her arms were getting tired, and pondered all of what the mayor had said. Aria's head snapped up, I forgot to ask him what I'd do about my work as a reflection! Turning, she called into the woods to ask the mayor but he was already gone. 
" Look what you got me into, Stillwater," Aria sighed, but all Stillwater did was wag his tail.

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